family.jpgSo far, today has been quite relaxing! The gloomy skyline of Music City USA has encouraged me to make the best out of an ordinary Saturday! I decided to grab a quick lunch in the cafeteria this past afternoon, and for some reason, motivated myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out in the fitness center! After I completed my work out, I returned to my room to begin some homework.
I cannot believe that Spring Break has already come and gone! Without a doubt, this “back-to-school” week has definitely been one of the longest weeks ever! However, it has been quite a blast playing frisbee with my friends on these slightly brisk Nashville evenings! In terms of my friends, they are definitely like family to me! Ever since August, I have been extremely blessed by the Lord to have such a supportive group of rock-awesome friends! And last but not least, I could not be happier ever since I have moved down here to Nashville! This place rocks and I am definitely here to stay!

Tomorrow, I might be attending an amazing service at Christ Church in Brentwood, TN. Every time I walk out of church, I feel like I am sittin’ on top of the world! The pastor’s sermon not only puts me in a good mood, but more importantly, enables me to be encompassed entirely by the Lord God! Attending church is a great end to those sometimes stressful and hectic school weeks!
I would also like to congratulate both the men’s and women’s basketball teams for making the 2007 NCAA tournament! You guys played great!
As for now, I am going to get going! Have a great day! 🙂