Don’t Let Spring Break!

So last week closed with joyful exclamation as students from all over the nation rushed to escape the confines of school for a week. What is this rumbling ruckus? This ecstatic expedition? Why, it’s Spring Break of course! And isn’t ironic the number of Belmont students I talked to and asked where they were going for Spring Break and how many of them responded, “I’m going to such and such a place, Florida.” And I, the Florida resident, would then mention somewhat begrudgingly that I was not going home to Florida for Spring Break, rather I was going to the state of Georgia, to a tiny city to gain rest, rejuvenation, and respite from all that is school related (Smart idea then, bringing homework!).

Really though, I’m glad to be in Georgia because it’s beautifully quiet and I don’t need to worry about the hustle and bustle of a large city which wouldn’t be much of a break from anything. Plus I get to hang out with my friend Amy’s family, lay around, watch movies, and play the piano all day long. “There’s nothing better Oh-oh-oh!” (random Relient K reference…). Anywho, as I type this in at the local library, I do feel as if I am missing one thing from my life–or two things rather.
Ping-Pong and Pool.
stiga quickplay outdoor.png
Odd, no? Well, it wouldn’t be so odd if one was to see the interesting pattern I’ve found myself falling into. It seems like every free moment between classes is now spent in the Universities Ministries Student Lounge playing ping-pong or pool. Time wasting? I think not. Instead I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people through it.
Oooh, and before I forget, big ups to the Belmont Men’s basketball team for making their 2nd consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance (More info on this click here). I will be cheering hard. GO Bruins!