Midterms again?

Have I ever mentioned that the weather in Nashville is weird? Saturday I woke up to see a sprinkling of snow on the ground (yay! Snow!! Finally!), and yesterday I found myself basking in the sun in 72 degree weather. Insanity!! While this may not be anything novel to all you guys out there from Nashville, it normally doesn’t get to even the 60 degree mark where I am from until April. Anyway, enough about weather! Now onto important stuff…like school work!

I find myself not minding homework anymore. In high school, I used to dread not knowing how much homework I would be having each night, having to fight with my sister over who could use the computer (ok, so maybe our homework took a little bit longer thanks to instant messaging!), and my parents constantly asking me if I have all my homework done yet. Now, I can do all my homework for the semester in one week if I really wanted to, thanks to the fact that the professors give us a syllabus that tells us what our homework is for the whole semester. And if you happen to misplace that, it is all online! Belmont has this program called Blackboard, where you can see assignments, have online discussions for classes, and even take tests online. The most useful website for any Belmont student is bic, where you can find Blackboard, access campus email, see what is going on on campus.
These next few days I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of homework, as you can see by the numerous books strewn about on my bed. P2230542.JPG Spring break starts March 5th, but on Thursday, I will be flying to California for a debate tournament. I am so excited! Not only do I get to go to California where the weather is really warm, but I get to be with some of my best friends at the same time! It should be a blast, and our team will do pretty well, just as we have been doing this whole year. The only downfall of this tournament is that this is the last debate tournament of the semester, which means no more weekend tournaments. Debate is the best thing that I am involved with at Belmont, and wouldn’t trade it for the world!