Winter Wonderland?!

Hey y’all!
It has been absolutely freezing around here lately! Now, some of you might not consider 30 degrees THAT cold…but it’s cold. I’m originally from Michigan, so you’d think I’d be used to the cold weather, right?! Well, after living in Tennessee for almost six years, I have become a wimp when it comes to cold weather…it’s almost sad. Ha ha. However, it’s still been so much fun to wake up in the morning, put layers of sweaters and coats on, throw on my favorite scarf, put some gloves on, put my little blue Uggs on, and make my way to my first class. Don’t laugh about putting a lot of layers on because believe me, I’ve made the mistake of not reading the daily forecast! I walked to my first class without a heavy coat and I was practically an ice cube by the time I got to class! The poor fountain in the middle of campus looks like a tiny skating rink. Yes, it looks cool, but I wouldn’t suggest skating on it…

Last week, we started hearing some fabulous news….a four letter word that makes all college students a little crazy…SNOW!! Oh, how we wanted a snow day! It would be so fabulous to get just one day to get some extra sleep, catch up with friends, and time to do that homework that we were supposed to do, but we decided that Facebook was way more entertaining (it happens to the best of us). Some students thought that if you did a snow dance, we’d get snow, while others took the spiritual approach and decided to pray, pray, pray that we’d get some snow!! I did a combination of both. 🙂
So the morning came and did it snow?!…YES! Did classes get cancelled? If classes were cancelled, it would be on my BIC Account. So I rushed to to see if my prayers had been answered! Sadly, classes were not cancelled. While we all could’ve used that day for sleeping, it was soooooo pretty outside! Belmont is already such a beautiful campus, and then you add a little bit of snow and you get some wonderful scenery! Belmont SNOW!.jpg
Many students got so excited about the snow that they decided to make little snowmen. There wasn’t really enough snow to make a big snowman, so I’d really call them “snow children.” I was watching the news tonight and they’re talking about some more snow!! Maybe we’ll finally get that snow day…Belmont SNOW!!.jpg