Happy February

An old proverb states, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” Lately, this quote perfectly exemplifies not only myself as an individual, but also the situations I have been faced with lately. Fortunately, God has been able to get my attention, which in return, has allowed me to put my trust in just one thing – Him.

Last week, my friends and I attended a live taping of Nashville Star. The evening was quite rewarding after a long day of sitting through four classes. The highlight of the evening consisted of a stellar performance by the Wreckers, which inevitably produced an incredible amount of excitement from the attendees (as well as myself!). Surprisingly, this is only one out of many opportunities that have been offered to me ever since I’ve been enrolled at Belmont.
This evening, I am attending Writers’ Night at the Curb Café. This music business event showcases three of Belmont’s talented writers’, accompanied by the likes of a professional songwriter within the industry. I would like to send out my “congrats” to my friend Steph on making the showcase. She is definitely going to “rock-it!”
Well, I have to go! I cannot be late for the show!