My first semester as a BRUIN!

Hey y’all! I’m Tucker, and I’m a brand new freshman! This is my first semester as a college student and I couldn’t have chosen a better school to attend than Belmont University. Belmont has been such a great fit for me. At first I was SO nervous to venture off to “college land,” as I like to call it…but once I had moved everything into my dorm, met my amazing suitemates, and started my classes, I fell in love with it here. Belmont-Lipscomb Game!.jpg
I went back home to Franklin, TN about a week after I had moved in so I could see my family, and I found myself looking around my house to decide what to bring “home”…I never thought that after only a week, I would begin to call Belmont my home. I thought I’d be homesick because I had never been away from my family for more than a week! It’s not like that at all, and I find myself not wanting to go home as much. My mom thinks I only come home for food and for her to do my laundry. Ha ha.

The first week of classes, I was so shocked to see how fun my teachers were! In high school, I had one or two teachers who really made learning fun…but all my teachers here seem to have such a passion for what they’re talking about, so you can’t help but feel the same way!
I’m a Commercial Music – Voice major…let me just tell you now…it is A LOT of work! I take 16 credit hours…and those are just the ones that count as credits! I also have voice lessons and about 3 other classes that I am required to take as a music major. Even though I have a really busy schedule, I LOVE to wake up in the morning knowing that I’m going to MUSIC classes taught by some of the greatest professers in the country! Music being my greatest passion in life, Belmont was a no-brainer when it came to make a decision for where I wanted to go to school. Hands down…I wanted to go here. Belmont’s reputation for it’s School of Music is known nation-wide for it’s elite program which makes me SO proud when people ask me where I go to school! I get a big smile on my face and I say “I go to Belmont, and I love it!!!” The last few weeks, classes have picked up, and the work load is starting to get heavier, but I always remind myself…I am so lucky to be going here! I get to wake up and go to classes for something that I absolutely love! How can I complain?!?! It is such a blessing to be attending this school!