Bye Belmont!

Belmont Tower at Sunset No, this doesn’t actually mean I’m leaving the school, just looking forward to the Christmas Break. Until then, I still need to focus on my last projects due for class as well as studying for finals. It’s not that bad though if you know what I have to do. For one class, I have to create a simple website that includes a picture and some text using HTML, and for my other project I have to mix and edit a recorded song. I even recorded myself performing on the song to make it even better. I’m not that good so don’t worry… it’s not a career move.
I want to go home so bad but I’m going to miss a lot of my friends here in the dorm and on campus. It seems like everyone is from all over the country, but I’m the only one from good ol’ Nashville. Hey, at least I don’t have to drive hours upon hours. For me, it takes about 20 minutes with heavy traffic. Well, I hope everyone has a good Christmas break.