Christmas Time is Here

I am so excited that this semester is almost over. The past few weeks have been pretty stressful, but thankfully I am getting through them. I’m so glad for the weekend to be here; nothing but chilling with friends and homework going on. But what I am most excited about is Christmas time!

CAB.jpgI have to say, ‘Christmas at Belmont’ the production and the decoration of school itself is a beautiful thing. The school is so amazing right now. Up in the dorms people are beginning to decorate their rooms and I’ve seen a few mini trees in my friends’ rooms. The mini trees do not compare, however, to the tree in the Beaman which is a sight to behold.
This weekend I am particularly excited to see the ‘Christmas at Belmont’ show as well. A few of my friends are involved and also, the classic from Charlie Brown’s Christmas, “Christmas Time is Here” (One of my favorite Christmas songs ever!) is going to be performed.
Ah Belmont! Ah Christmas! (A Reference to Herman Melville)