Life is great!

Untitled-1 copy.jpgA one-stop flight from Nashville to my home state of Wisconsin departs on Tuesday, December 12th. I cannot believe that there are only fifteen more days left of the semester! In the next few weeks, I expect myself to be remarkably absorbed in the overabundance of homework I still need to complete. With that said, I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of my favorite times of the year. Amidst the scrumptious eats, I am exceptionally thankful that I am able to express my gratitude for the Lord God, as well as for my caring family and friends. This past Thanksgiving, I visited Fall Creek Falls State Park (located in Pikeville, Tennessee.) The breathtaking waterfalls, the sparkling streams, and the one-of-a-kind forestry creates one of the most enjoyable recreational attractions in Tennessee. As a whole, my Thanksgiving holiday was amusing, pleasant, and simply refreshing!
In terms of school activities, I am an avid basketball fan! Last week, I attended one of the first games of Belmont’s basketball season. On November 20th, Belmont’s men’s basketball team burned down the house against Fisk University. The final score of Monday night’s game was an outstanding 83-54. Without a sense of doubt, I believe that the team this year will definitely be rock-awesome. Click here to learn more about the athletic opportunities that Belmont University has to offer.
Until next time…God bless everyone on their upcoming exams as the closure of the semester approaches!