The Dreaded “Midterm”

Let me just say that it is soooooo relieving to have midterms out of the way! These past few weeks have been pretty stressful, but thank goodness for fall break. I only had midterms in a few classes, some being before fall break and some being after. Being a freshman, the dreaded “midterm” was something that I’d never experienced, although I have to say… it’s very over rated.

Most of my midterms just ended up being regular tests, although they just happen to fall in the “middle” of the semester…. ironic huh?! Well I can honestly say that I feel really good about two of them and I’m reluctant to guess about the third one. Actually, I got my first college 100 on my Elementary Statistics exam, so that was pretty unexpected! All in all, academics here in my opinion are challenging, but not to the point of breaking you. There is always someone to go to, someone to visit during office hours, and of course, someone to call when you’re freaking out. For a look into academics at Belmont, click here. I’m looking forward to these next few weeks to take my mind off of the dreaded “midterm”, and really just look at it not as a test, but as half of the semester being over! I have some pretty exciting events coming up in the next week or so and I can’t wait for them to roll around… I’ll keep you posted.