October? Already?

Wow. I can not believe it is already time for midterms! I feel like I just got here. It has been a busy few weeks. Between class, homework, debate, convo hours, hanging out with friends here, and keeping in touch with friends back home, I feel like I hardly have time to take a breath.

Which is good and bad, because at least I am doing something productive… most of the time anyway. So in the midst of doing all of this, I managed to catch a cold. Yay! Not really. Just want to sleep all day long. The only plus to being sick in college as opposed to high school, is that there isn’t as much time in class (for me anyway), so I can come back to my room and sleep pretty much anytime but the 3 hours or so a day I am in class.
Being in Nashville in fall is totally different than being back home in New York. The other day, it was 90 degrees or so. That rarely happens in summer in New York! It is kind of a nice change; campus is still green and flowers are still blooming, and the Tennessee weather is always keeping me on my toes. That may be a result of my huge fear of tornadoes, but I have been told they rarely happen here. Never the less, my friends find great fun in watching me download every weather alert system known to mankind so that I know when things are going to happen. But I haven’t needed it, no tornadoes until spring I was told. So now is actually a perfect time to visit!! That is a major reason why I am here today, I had a great campus visit. So come down (or up, depending on your geographic location), and visit us!
As I write this, I am watching the Mets on tv. Figures the first year I go away, they get into the playoffs. But fall break is coming up, so I can not wait to get back to NY to watch the Mets win the National League! And of course, to sleep in my own bed, see my friends from home, hang out with family, and eat pizza and bagels as much to my heart’s content. Before that comes, I have to get through midterms. Shouldn’t be all that bad though, I only have two. Anyway, I should probably go study for those two tests so I can have a fall break free of worry about whether I flunked the midterm or not. So off to hit the books I go, you seniors out there, keep working on those applications, the deadline will be here before you know it!