Can’t Stop The Grr!

Well, this is my first entry into my blog and I’m very excited to be a part of this. Bruin FanI guess I should start off with a little introduction. My name is Amaryah. Most people have a hard time pronouncing it correctly, so I use a pronounciation key. It sounds like, Uh-More-Yuh, but it doesn’t have anything to do with love. At the moment I am currently undecided but leaning strongly to English Lit. I know it’s kind of odd to come from Miami, Florida, just to be an English Lit major, but Belmont was too hard to resist. I knew I wanted to be a Bruin from the first moment I set foot on campus.
So, finally, after two long summer months spent twiddling my thumbs in anticipation and working trying to save up money, I arrived at Belmont University. My first thoughts upon entering the campus were something like this, “Wow, I’m finally here! This is awesome!” And then, “Gosh, is that the line of people moving in?” It was an exciting and slightly overwhelming day. I moved into my triple occupancy dorm with little problem other than three girls sharing one room (can anyone say lack of closet space?). Little did I know, that was just the beginning of the fun.

Next came the onslaught of events. Check-In for our TT groups, the Presidents and Trustees Dinner, and my favorite, the Playfair, which was unfortunately cut short by rain. However, thanks to good timing, I was able to be a part of a make-up Playfair that took place inside the Beaman Student Life Center. There were mainly TT leaders present, but there were a few freshmen as well and we all had a good time acting silly with our fellow Bruins.
Though my first day on campus was filled with fun times and new faces, out of the whole Welcome Week, I must say, my favorite part was Bruin Blitz. It was a loud, racous-filled, energetic display of Bruin Athletics. The sports teams came out throwing t-shirts into the crowds (I was fortunate enough to catch one), The MOB (check out the Mob) leader made an appearance, Bruiser, the school’s mascot was there keeping the crowd hyped, and my favorite part of it all– learning the fight song. Yes, I know, lot’s of people thought it was cheesy, but Belmont was my number one choice as a school, and I have a ton of pent up school spirit waiting to be unleashed at sporting events. So, when I learned the, “B-E-L-M-O-N-T! GRR!” I put my all into that cheer and the GRR! that follows, complete with bearclaw hands. I know, I’m a little exuberant, slightly overboard, more than a little crazy, but what can I say?
I love Belmont.