Back 2 Business

Hey, my name is Josh. I am a sophomore Business major here at Belmont. I’m from Nashville, so the move from high school to college life has been fairly easy considering that my mom lives just 15 minutes away from campus. Unlike the majority of the students, I decided to stay on campus for the summer and catch up on some classes. With the new semester now under way, it’s time to knuckle down and get Back 2 Business. I can remember moving in my first day scared to actually be away from home. But pulling up I was greeted by an array of people ready to help me out and get me settled in. After that first day it was smooth sailing from then on. My freshman year was packed with excitement from playing in the marching band to the Men’s basketball team making the NCAA tournament. This year, now that I’m prepared, I can’t wait to experience all the fun and excitement happening on campus.