August 20, 2004

FBC Columbia Clinic - Day 5

Our final day in Piraque was as wonderful, if not better than the others this week. Although, it came much too fast. Our team was sad about leaving the people and place we have grown to love this week. However, today was a tremendous day. It was a wonderful day to end an amazing week. Overall this week, the eye team examined 853 patients, the dental clinic saw 242 people, general medicine treated 351, the pediatric group took care of 497 children, and the pharmacy filled 2,477 prescriptions. The were 146 people who accepted Christ this week. God did more than we could have every asked or imagined!

Today began as a crazy day. When we entered Piraque again this morning we saw another extremely long line of people waiting to get into the clinic. We soon found out that some of those waiting had been there since 10:00pm last night. It is overwhelming to think that they would do something like that to receive the basic treatment we had to offer at no cost. While we just could not see everyone who came, it was wonderful to be able to be used by God to treat those we could. The greatest part of the whole week was that we were not only able to offer physical help, but we were able to show them the love of God. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that our trip home will go smoothly.

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August 19, 2004

FBC Columbia Clinic - Day 4

Steve Nowlin - Dental Work in PiraqueToday was another incredible day! When we pulled up to the church this morning we were overwhelmed with the number of people waiting in line. We later found out that the first people in line had arrived at three o´clock this morning. The eye team saw 189 people, general medicine treated 97 patients, there were 102 pediatric patients, the dental team saw 53 people and took out 77 teeth, and the pharmacy filled 525 prescriptions. There were 28 people who accepted Christ today!

Just as everyday this week, God worked in many ways today. Although, several team members mentioned that they felt that today there was more of a spiritual battle going on at the clinic. Satan seemed to be working harder today than he has been all week. However, he will not defeat us! The Ruler of the Universe is the One who sent us, and we know He will win. Tomorrow is our last day at the clinic, and we are sad about that. However, pray that we will continue to be strong. Pray that we will be able to see as many patients as possible. Pray we will come in contact with those who need to hear the gospel and will sense their need. Pray that Satan will have no strongholds in Piraque!

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August 18, 2004

FBC Columbia Clinic - Day 3

Medical Clinic Day 3Today was a wonderful day! When we arrived in Piraque this morning there were many people waiting to get into the clinic. By mid morning more people than we had time to see all day had come. There were many who will be back early tomorrow morning to get in. The eye team saw 190 people today, the dental team worked on 52 patients (and pulled 120 teeth), the general medicine team took care of 59 paients, the pediatric group saw 134 children, and the pharmacy filled 588 prescriptions. 31 people prayed to receive Christ!

The people in Piraque are so delighted that we have come. They have welcomed us into their community. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to give basic medical treatment and share God´s love with those we have seen so far. There have been countless moments in which someone from our team has seen God work. When one of our evangelism groups had an opportunity to led a woman to the Lord on the street yesterday, she explained to them that she had left her work and come outside just before they had come. She had not even realized why she had done that until she talked with them. God timed it exactly where she would encounter them. God never ceases to do things that amaze us. Please continue to pray that God will work through us. We saw several people today who were not open to the gospel. Many of them come from Catholic backgrounds and have a hard time grasping what we have to say to them. Please pray that God would soften their hearts. Also pray that He would help us know exactly what to say to them. We want to be available for Him to be able to use us however he chooses.

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August 17, 2004

FBC Columbia Clinic - Day 2

Line for Medical ClinicWhen the bus pulled up at the clinic this morning it was obvious that today was going to be busier than yesterday. We did see more people, and God definitely blessed in more ways. The eye team examined 195 people, the dental team pulled the teeth of 63 patients, in pediatric medicine there where 125 children seen, general medicine worked with 84 patients, and the pharmacy filled 427 prescriptions. 33 people made decisions for Christ today!

We know that as the week goes on there will be even more patients who come to the clinic each day. Please pray that God will continue to provide opportunities for us to share Him with the people we see. The evangelism team faced opposition today from more people than yesterday, even though we saw more people come to know the Lord. Please pray that God would prepare those we talk with to hear what He has for them. Pray that any distractions or hinderances will be removed from the lives of those who need Him. More to come tomorrow...

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August 16, 2004

FBC Columbia Clinic - Day 1

Piraque Baptist Church - RioThe first day of our medical clinic was wonderful. The morning started off a little slow, but the pace picked up very quickly. There were 154 sets of eyes checked, 38 dental patients seen, 70 pediatric patients, 58 patients in general medicine, and 364 prescriptions filled. Most importantly, there were 28 souls added to the Kingdom during our time today. God is so good!

We can not wait to see what He does tomorrow and the following days. Although, our trip would have been worth it just for the things that happened today! Every one is doing great. Our team is working so well together, and our time here has been tremendoous so far. Please pray that God would continue to bless us with good health. Also pray that our energy level will not drop as the week goes on and we get more tired.

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August 15, 2004

FBC Columbia Update for Sunday

Our first full day in Rio has been wonderful. It began with a time of worship in the church where the clinic will be held. Along the hour or so drive to the site, we were able to enjoy part of God´s beautiful creation as we traveled along the coast by Ipanema beach. We were greeted by the many children (even more than in most of the favelas) who seemed delighted to see us. It is going to be such a blessing to be able to interact with them. We are excited about all that God has in store for us this week!

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August 14, 2004

FBC Columbia Group Arrives in Rio

After a long journey our team arrived safely in Rio this morning! We experienced no delays or problems during any part of the trip. Everyone is doing well. We spent most of the day organizing supplies for the clinic which begins Monday. Please pray for us as we attend church tomorrow at the site where we will conduct the clinic. More to come later...

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