June 27, 2004

Comment Spam and My Apology

Last night the Rio Jounal was attacked by what are known as comment spammers. These individuals, using automated tasks on their computers, take advantage of the comment feature on pages such as this and use them to post off-topic, often pornographic links. Because of that attack, I have temporarily shut off the comment feature for this site. With an upgrade in the software (as soon as next week) we should be more secure and will be able to turn the comment feature back on.

My apologies to anyone who received notifications that included links from this site that were offensive.


Posted by admin at 06:14 AM

June 06, 2004

A Message for Rio Journal Friends at Brentwood Baptist Church

Eric Reese, IMB Missionary ,and Amy Elrod, Missionary Journeyman, sent back a video message for the two teams from Brentwood Baptist Church who will travel to Rio de Janeiro at the end of July.

If the box on the left does not display a black screen with a Rio Das Pedras title, look on this page for the button labeled Flash Player 7 and install Flash Player 7 (it's free)...OR try the

  • Windows Media Player version
    or the
  • Quicktime Movie version.
  • Update: The 10+ hours of video tape that I acquired during the trip has been logged and much of it has been captured for editing. There are at least three video projects in some stage of production as of today. The 3 to 4 minute versions will be posted here. The VHS and DVD versions should be complete by the end of this month... I will post details here on how you may obtain a copy should you be interested.

    One more thing: If you do not want to receive email notices of any further posts to the Rio Jounal, please let me know so that I can remove your name from the list.

    Thank you for your patience, Paul:)

    Posted by Paul Chenoweth at 12:30 PM