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December 04, 2004

Temporarily Closed - But Visitors are Welcome

This season of mission teams traveling back and forth from Brazil is over, but we continue to have visitors come to The Rio Journal. I am not even sure who those visitors are, but the fact that people are still reading the stories from earlier this year convinces me that there is enormous potential for journalling (blogging) by members of mission teams.

I have turned off the ability to comment on all posts due to large volumes of unwanted spam from sources that are abusive in ways that defy description. The comment feature will return will the next season of The Rio Journal... or whatever flavor of blogging that we determine to be most effective for mission teams.

If you wish to find me... I continue to blog about generational gaps in technology on a site called Chasing the Dragon's Tale. If you need to contact me, there is an email link in the upper right-hand column. (If you are wondering about the weird name of my blog, there is an explanation here)...and please excuse this bit of shameless promotion :)

Posted by Paul Chenoweth at December 4, 2004 08:21 AM