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August 02, 2004

Rio Medical Mission Day 3

´Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day´ Acts 2:41

Greetings from the servants of Christ Jesus in Rio.

All are safe and well.

Receiving Line at Rio das Pedras
We did not add three thousand this day...but it was still a good day.
God blessed us with overcast skies that made the day very comfortable.

God used the team to see 119 eye, 114 general medicine and 193 children patients. 857 prescriptions were filled...but most importantly 69 decisions were made. These numbers were very good, given that the first day always requires extra time for set-up. But on this day, the team was so well organized we started quickly.

God´s prescense was felt throughout the day as there were those standing in line, saved through the work of previous mission workers, sharing their personal testimony of God´s great love. Others spoke to our very prescense as living proof that God loves them.

Raja with Miracle BabyAs always the children are so very special. They make the work so enjoyable. They don´t seem to know that their life is filled with poverty...they don´t know that their not suppose to be happy. We have been blessed mightily by them.

We look forward to tomorrow...and the great things that God will do!

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