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July 22, 2004

Betty Wiseman Tells Maria's Story

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Belmont University's sports evangelism team had an awesome experience with the people in Rio de Janeiro. Each team member returned with stories of their experiences and memories of the faces of the urban poor. Betty Wiseman tells the story of sports evangelism and her encounter with a young Brazilian mother named Maria. Watch the video and learn about sports evangelism and Betty's new sister, Maria.

As other Tennessee Baptist Convention groups plan their trips with The Rio Partnership, remember Maria. There are thousands like her who are interested and waiting to hear the Gospel.

The video is approximately 10 minutes long and roughly 8MB in file size...viewing is recommended on high speed Internet connections only. A free Flash Player is available via the Get Flash link at the top of The Rio Journal home page. Windows Media Player and QuickTime versions are available via the links beneath the Flash Player window.

Posted by Paul Chenoweth at July 22, 2004 01:39 PM