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May 20, 2004

Sharon Fairchild?s Mom

game ball presentation Betty Wiseman presented a signed game ball to the host principal following a morning of classroom visits, a brief intra-squad demonstration, basketball drills with the older children, and a lively game of duck-duck-goose with the younger crowd. Moments after this picture was taken, Sharon Fairchild (middle), received word that her mother suffered a stroke. For Sharon it meant quickly departing the team and an overnight flight to Houston, Texas to be with her mom. The team has requested that you please remember Ray and Sharon as well as the rest of their family as they work through this crisis...they are a beloved couple among the people of Rio and much like family to the rest of the Belmont team.

Posted by Paul Chenoweth at May 20, 2004 05:27 AM


Rio Group,

I am glad to see things are going well. Our SS class will keep all of you in our prayers throughout your journey. It is an awesome undertaking! Keep B.W. safe, don't let her lose her glasses! (inside joke)

Posted by: Dena Burnley at May 20, 2004 07:51 PM

A word to Betty Wisemen,

My name is Jessé Cerqueira, and in 1966/67 I lived with the Tullocks ( Dr.John Tullock ) in Nashville, Tenn., where I attended for one year Belmont College. I believe you were the Coach of the Basketball team ( girls )then.
I would love to talk with you while you're visiting and doing that marvelous work of mission in Rio.
I am a Baptist myself and attend Tauá Baptist Church in Governor's Island.
I can be reached at the following phone numbers:
2466-1598 or 8812-2125

Posted by: Jesse Cerqueira at May 20, 2004 08:18 PM