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"Pure-Sweat Man" - At His Best!

DrewHe has his own company, travels all over the country to train basketball players of all ages and levels. He is beyond his years in skill, leadership and as an entrepreneur. He is innovative, creative, disciplined, confident, passionate, and bold. He can do more things with a basketball than you can imagine.

Drew Hanlen
is the real deal and ultimate teammate. He can take any group, large or small, and organize and lead. This is his third trip with me and year by year I've given him more and more responsibility. He is a leader.

But what has taken place in his heart during these three years is a wonderful transformation. He will tell you very quickly that these sports evangelism trips are the highlight of his travels and teaching. He is a natural in a leadership role. He is at his best! He loves to share Jesus now and there will be a ministry component to "Pure-Sweat" in the future.

- Betty


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