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Pompeii Blew Us Away!

pompei_02_vert_sm.jpgSeeing is believing and I could never have imagined such a place. Books, picture, or internet sites cannot do justice to the city totally destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 24, 79 AD. History unfolded before our very eyes.

For two hours we walked, hiked, carefully stepping on uneven surfaces. Some of us had Charlie, the historian, guiding us. Should he ever get out of the ministry he could make a fortune as a tour guide. I was intrigued to get a review of my history of sport and physical education that I taught for so many years - actually viewing the palestra where ancient men trained for competition.

What a magnificent city it must have been! It reminded me of how quickly everything can be taken from us. Natural disasters seem more prevalent in our world today and even in Tennessee and surrounding areas in recent months and years. Somehow, cities and communities recover over time. This city did not. We saw corpses of humans and animals, pieces of artifacts, and original paintings on walls. All life was taken without a warning and the city buried. By chance, someone discovered a piece of what was--and the excavation began.

As we stood front and center in an unearthed outdoor amphitheater we could only imagine what it might have been like. Even the acoustics were in tact as we each took turn speaking and listening to our voice resonate within the walls. Quite an experience!

Pompei Pompei

I have seen a lot of the world's wonders, but this particular place simply blew me away!

- Betty


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