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AllysaWell tonight was an experience to say the least. Tristan, Adam, and I went to the home of an Italian family. The mother and father, Mari Lou and Antoino, and their daughter Claudia. Claudia attends the school we have been in all week. They also invited the mom's two sisters and mother over! Not knowing what to expect since our experiences with food in Italy so far have been quite interesting, we were pleasantly surprised.

To start the night off we were served pasta. (Go figure) It was truly wonderful! After this the second dish was brought out! It was a plate of real Italian sausage and and a green spinach/ Brussels sprouts/broccoli type vegetable native to Naples. Along with this came the dish that all of our team just LOVES.....the oh so wonderful eggplant and tomatoes. With this also came the fresh mozzarella and the fresh bread. We thought we were done but, oh no. After this came the tiramisu and cookies followed by some blood orange juice. Then they brought out a plate of fresh fruit. To wash it all down, they gave us a drink that they said was for "indigestion". Let's just say, it was not exactly what we expected! It was a once in a lifetime experience that I am very thankful for and will never forget!
- Allysa


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