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Friday Morning

CacyIt is Friday a.m. - our second day in the school - 4th and 5th graders today - following a very long day yesterday. I'm watching from the sidelines as Wes and Drew lead in basketball relays and drills. This team is filled with energy, enthusiasm, and the love of Christ! I love seeing the faces of these children as they play and respond to our team. The noise is deafening!

Our park experiences each evening are unique. We split the team and work in two locations. Each team member can tell their own stories of how God is providing divine appointments and opportunities to minister to individuals. Cacy spent two afternoons with Carlo talking about Jesus--then I was able to step in and lead him to make a decision to follow Christ. Kudos to Cacy for her sensitivity and commitment to this divine appointment.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we'll take a much needed break and sightsee at Mr. Vesuivus and Pompeii. Following church Sunday we'll spend the afternoon in the parks. These parks are filled each day with families. People everywhere--Amazing! We keep our translators busy!

I wish all of you back home could hear the testimonies of the team members. They amaze me with how they speak with clarity, boldness, passion, humility and complete honesty. They truly are the "aroma of Christ" in this place!

Betty WisemanThe "first-timers" are stepping up today and sharing. I am so proud of them. That first times not easy, but it becomes the point of no return for them as they take a step forward in their faith journey. They are proud of themselves, as they should be.

- Betty



Betty, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The impact your missions have on the locals and our own kids is astounding. As a parent I can in no way express my grattitude!! You are strengthening a much needed foundation when not opening new doors. You are role model I feel Cacy has been so blessed to get to know. Thank you - thank you -thank you!!! God Bless this Team!

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