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First Mission Trip Ever

KristinI apologize for being a day late on my blog entry! I was supposed to write it yesterday but thus far this trip and the ministry that we have done has been quite amazing. Working with the kids at the elementary school here in Naples has just been a joy because to see the smiles on their faces when they see us make this trip all worth while.

Kristin TesifyEveryday the kids come to the gym we do some drills and fun games with them then one of the team members speaks to to the group of kids about their relationship with Jesus Christ. Well it was my turn to go on Friday and boy was I nervous before I got up there. But with the prayers and support of my other team members I got up there and just let the Lord speak for me and it ended up turning out great!

I've been enjoying becoming so close to the other team members. It really feels like we are one big family. Continue to keep us in your prayers while we're over here doing God's work!

- Kristin

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Its so great to see and hear what yall are doing over there! Keep up the hard work and know that we are praying for yall daily! God is doing great things through yall! Keep your hearts and minds open you never know what God has in store for you!

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