Al Kooper: The Recording of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde/The Album that Changed Nashville

Al Kooper is one of the most influential musicians, songwriters, and producers of the 20th century. Although Kooper boasts incredible credentials from his fifty-year music career, he is most famous for his work with the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. He toured with Dylan for many years and played organ on his “Like a Rolling Stone” and Blonde on Blonde album. Kooper has also played on a plethora of works for artists like The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Paul & Mary, BB King, Tom Petty, and Trisha Yearwood. In addition, he discovered Lynyrd Skynyrd and produced artists such as Ray Charles. Come hear Mr. Kooper talk about recording Blonde and Blonde and how this album revolutionized Nashville. Seating capacity is limited, so please arrive early.

When: March 13th, 5 pm
Where: The Quonset Hut (34 Music Square East)
Convocation: Academic Lecture
Contact: Mark Maxwell (