Interested in A&R? New class offering spring 2012!

Students interested in exploring careers in Artists & Repertoire (A&R) will have a new opportunity this spring via an A&R Practicum (MBU 3990.8).  Led by Tom Willett, former Head of A&R (Word/A&M Records, LA) and VP Marketing (Word/Sony, NYC), the course will focus on the discovery and development of Belmont talent.

Students exploring online record label operations will continue to have an opportunity to develop their skills through, a course-driven platform led by Dr. David Herrera.  “With all the emerging technology applications, it all still comes down to discovering great talent that can engage the fan,” adds Herrera. “Tom has a proven track record, and students will gain great insight through his years of success in ways that textbooks cannot replicate.”

Interested students should speak with their advisor regarding course prerequisites for CRN 28616, A&R Practicum.