Volunteer for the Red Carpet Radio at the American Country Countdown Awards

Urgent request for volunteers – Red Carpet Radio at the American Country Countdown Awards

 Volunteers needed as celebrity talent wranglers for our two day Radio Row event at Music City Center.

 Friday December 12th 11am-4pm

Saturday December 13th 12pm – 4pm

 Please contact Danielle Davis at ddavis@westwoodne.com or 646.671.5778 for schedulingRCR-Updated-Presented-By-WWO


Stephanie May Wilson | November 24th



K. Michelle and Jackie Boyz LIVE at Anthem

On Dec. 5th at 8:00pm at Anthem

Tickets: $35

Use the promo code CollegeJBF for a $10 discount!



Volunteer at the Touring Career Workshop

The Touring Career Workshop is looking to recruit some volunteers for their annual workshop.

Who we are: http://touringcareerworkshop.com/about-tcw

What we need help with: Our annual workshop is November 19th at Soundcheck Nashville and we need people to help before, during and after the event.

How many we need:

Pre-event: 4 people (2pm - 6pm) all will be helping prep registration and green room for speakers

Event Volunteers: 12 people (5pm - 11:30pm - may be cut earlier)

5 will be time keepers in the rooms (these need to be STRONG personalities)

3 will help with check in and then transition to being floaters

4 floaters to help as needed
We will provide food/snacks for volunteers. The pre event volunteers are more than welcome to attend the event but they should preregister via our website.

Contact Ginell if you are interested/available!

Ginell Narvaiz




AC Entertainment: seeking interns for Spring 2015

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The Touring Career Workshop Annual Conference – FREE – 11/19 – Soundcheck Nashville

The Touring Career Workshop supports touring industry professionals through workshops and networking events.  They have their FREE annual workshop coming up next week Wednesday, Novemeber 19.  Speakers are scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM and the event is located at Soundcheck Nashville.

Press Release:

Touring Career Workshop is set to host its fourth consecutive conference on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at Soundcheck Nashville.  This free event invites current touring and production professionals along with potential job seekers to learn more about “life on the road.”  The day will begin with keynote speaker Donnie Lewis, a prominent figure in the touring industry who currently serves as a tour manager to Peter Frampton.  He will be sharing his tips for career longevity.  A variety of breakout sessions will follow.  Topics include financial planning, how to maintain health on the road and the importance of industry networking.

The organization’s founders, Chris Lisle, Executive Director and owner of Chris Lisle Lighting Design, and Erik Parker, Associate Director and Lighting Director for Jennifer Nettles, formed the organization in 2011.  “Our goal is educate touring production personnel on the various resources available to ensure that they are getting the most out of their career from a human resources standpoint,” according to Lisle.  “We are excited to present some new panels this year that reflect the topics that are most critical to our industry today.”

The organization is also active year round providing opportunities such as an internationally recognized mentorship program that allows aspiring “roadies” the chance to connect with touring industry professionals for six months.  This will be available for sign up at the conference.  In addition to providing educational panels and networking opportunities, the event is also giving back to the community.  TCW regularly donates resources to local charities including this year’s contribution to the Oasis Center, a local resource for at risk youth. Attendees are encouraged to make a donation.  Needed items will be specified on TCW’s website.

The event will be held at 740 Cowan Street, Nashville, TN 37207 with doors opening at 5:30 PM and the event beginning at 6:30 PM.  The day will close with a networking mixer beginning at 10:00 PM.

For a full list of speakers, more information about TCW, to sign up for the newsletter and registration, please visit www.touringcareerworkshop.com

For volunteer opportunities please contact Ginell Narvaiz at ginell@touringcareerworkshop.com.

Press Inquires
Five Points PR - Cassandra Lavoro - Cassandra@fivepointspr.com


Professional Attire: What Do I Wear?

Part of making a good first impression in the job search is wearing the right thing. Knowing what to wear depends on both the situation (i.e. a job interview, a networking event, an informational interview, etc.) and the particular area of your chosen industry (i.e. music production, banking, publishing, etc.). By doing your research beforehand, you will get an idea of how you should dress for the specific industry and situation. This involves observing the attire of others who have already made it in that industry, and by visiting the settings of those people. Find out where they lunch or where they frequent right after work and go there to see how they have dressed for their typical day of hard work. Make sure you also look your best since it could turn into a networking opportunity.

There are some general guidelines that everyone must follow when it comes to dressing for success, regardless of your chosen area of the industry. First, you need to make sure that your attire supports your image as someone who takes the opportunity seriously and as someone who should also be taken seriously. Notice I said “supports” your image. You don’t want your appearance to overpower you as a person. Be remembered for what you say and what you have to bring to the table, not for what you wear. Always try to dress one step above the job for which you are applying. Other general guidelines you should follow include:

  • Looking put together. You never want to look disheveled or sloppy so make sure that no matter what you are wearing, it is clean and in good condition. Make sure there are no missing buttons or lint on your clothes and check for dangling threads and tags.
  • Looking like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look the part. If you are a recent grad, those interviewing you will understand that you do not yet have the money to dress in expensive attire.
  • Wear clothes that fit properly. Proper-fitting clothes can look more expensive while ill-fitting clothes can ruin an entire ensemble. Budget both money AND time for any necessary alterations. Some stores will do free alterations if you purchase your clothing from them.
  • Avoid wearing heavy perfume or cologne and don’t go in smelling like cigarettes. You don’t want others to have a coughing fit or an allergic reaction to how you smell!
  • Treat yourself to a manicure (yes, this goes for men too!). Well-manicured hands on both men and women exhibit attention to detail.
  • Women should remember they have higher chances of error than men when it comes to dressing for success since their clothing is often more trendy and flashy. Be extra careful in your selections.
  • Understand what business casual is and is not. Business casual does not mean shorts, sleeveless tanks, mini-skirts, or flip-flops. It can sometimes mean jeans, but only if they are a dark wash jean dressed up with nice shoes and a nice jacket and they are acceptable in that particular setting. This type of look can be a good look for networking at luncheon events or after-work happy hours.

Start shopping for professional attire now! If you have to scramble to find something because you are called for an interview tomorrow, you will end up spending more money because you won’t have the time necessary to devote to finding good sales or bargains. Having something on hand that already fits your body and your budget will decrease any stress that comes with interviews and networking.


TCW – Touring Career Workshop!

TCW 2014 Flier


Hunter Hayes CMA Week Street Party – Monday, Nov 3

Hunter Hayes set to kick off CMA Awards Week with street party in downtown Nashville on Monday, November 3. The party starts at 10:30pm outside Bridgestone Arena - Free and open to the public. Opening the 48th Annual CMA Awards with a free nighttime concert in downtown Nashville on Monday, Nov. 3 as part of Hayes’ involvement with the USO’s “Every Moment Counts” campaign.


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