Student Guides Needed for Youth Global Leadership Summit

Student Guides Needed for Youth Global Leadership Summit

Guides facilitate small groups of high school students during the Youth Global Leadership Summit on February 5.

Want to learn more? Attend the Interest Session on September 5 | 10 a.m. | Beaman A & B

Christian Showcase: Application Deadline is TOMORROW!

To apply, log in to MyBelmont and click here.  We'd love to hear your submmission!  See below for the application deadline.

(Make sure you read the requirements on the application site before applying.)
Christian Digital Application


TOMORROW: Audio Engineering Society Meeting

Join the Audio Engineering Society for their first meeting of the semester. Tomorrow at 10am in REMB25.


Ways to be “in the know”

I have been asked multiple times this week "how am I supposed to know about everything going on?"  There are many ways to be connected, so I have complied a little list to help with your woes:

  • Website: The home page for the Curb College - "announcements" and the Curb College calendar live in My.Belmont.  The calendar will provide you with the dates for seminars and special events. (my.belmont>academic resources>curb college)
  • Email: The Curb College student email goes out every other week.  You can find pertinent deadlines, applications, and special announcements.
  • Facebook: Belmont University's Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business.  Announcements and other fun happenings are found here.
  • LinkedIn Group: Belmont University - Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business.  You will find industry events, jobs, paid internship announcements, volunteering opportunities, and notable industry news
  • Twitter: @curbcollegenews - A little bit of everything.
  • nowplayingnashville.com can also provide Nashville events for every night of the week.

As always - let us know if you have any questions or need anything!small wink




Fall 2014 Skillshops

SKILLSHOP LARGE(1)Tish Stewart and Lori Bumgarner will be providing a series of Skillshops for those of you that want to get a head start on your job search. They will host 3/month on the following topics: resumes, networking, and interviewing. All of the following Skillshops are held in Massey 200A.  These are not for seminar credit.

Upcoming sessions:

Wednesday, September 3th @ 10am: Resumes. Walk away with a perfected resume. Please bring your computer and updated resume to this event. (RSVP to lori.bumgarner@belmont.edu or tish.stewart@belmont.edu)

Wednesday, September 17th @ 10am: Networking. Walk away with strategic networking tips and contacts. Please bring your computer and have a LinkedIn account started.

Wednesday, September 24th@ 10am: Interviewing. Walk away with peer feedback, practice interviewing questions, and tips for your next interview.

See the Curb College calendar for additional sessions next semester, Advanced Skillshops, Roundtables, and seminars!



Battle of the Belmont Bands – This Friday!!

Don't forget to join us on the South Lawn at 7pm THIS FRIDAY for our first concert of the year!!  See more info about the bands and the event on our Facebook page.

Battle of the Belmont Bands 2014


Back to Belmont!

With the start of a new school year, I feel the need to remind/educate you on a couple (10) of things:

  1. The Curb College staff is here to help you!  If you need assistance with anything, please let us know.
  2. Always check the Curb College calendar for amazing happenings almost every single day.  You can meet someone that could change the course of your career.  No excuses.
  3. Form relationships.  Set some goals and make the connections happen.  The single most effective way to get a job after graduation is through the relationships you have made.  So the earlier you start, the easier the process will be.
  4. Stop at cross walks.  I was almost run over 3 times today.
  5. Be a "yes person."  People like being around "yes people" - Just make it happen!  Your internship supervisor will thank you.
  6. The shorter your shorts, the less likely you will land your dream job.  I have done a lot of research on this one.
  7. Be nice to everyone.  You will probably end up working with most of the people in your class.
  8. Be careful what you post - everyone can see it.  Including your future employers...
  9. Support your classmates at Showcases and around town!
  10. Enjoy your time here at Belmont!



Curb College Student Announcements | August 20, 2014

Did you get the Curb College Student email?  If not, check out our upcoming events here and be sure to sign up for our future emails.


5 Steps To A Marketable Online Footprint

What does your online presence say about you? Does it say you’re professional and knowledgeable? Does it say to a potential employer that you can be trusted not to tarnish the company’s image if hired? When employers start seriously looking at a job candidate, they start seriously looking at the candidate’s online footprint. This includes your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and your LinkedIn profile.

Now hopefully, most job seekers already know it’s important to remove any questionable content (i.e. inappropriate photos, controversial comments, unsuitable items in which you are tagged, etc.) from their social media profiles, but do you know what you should be putting out there in cyber space to brand yourself and your skills?

There are several things you can do to build a more marketable online presence.

  1. Upload a critiqued resume to CareerConnector, Belmont's system for job and internship postings.
  2. Fill out your LinkedIn profile completely. This includes giving detailed descriptions of past internships and part-time jobs that also incorporate any positive results your work had on the company. A complete profile also comprises any and all sections in which you have experience to add or highlight (i.e. education, relevant projects, current or past volunteer work, technical and transferable skills, certifications, test scores, relevant coursework, languages, organizations in which you belong, and more).
  3. Make every part of your LinkedIn profile keyword-rich. Include the keywords from your chosen industry everywhere it makes sense to, even in your name! For instance, I am an image consultant and instead of just my first and last name, my LinkedIn profile name is “Lori Bumgarner | Image Consultant.” That way people who come across my profile immediately know what I do and I show up higher in the list of search results when people search those particular keywords. Yours could be “[your name] | Aspiring A&R Assistant” or “[your name] | Entertainment Studies Graduate.” Also find a way to use keywords and personal branding in the professional headline and your personal LinkedIn URL. Look at other profiles for a variety of examples.
  4. Share your knowledge by participating in online discussions on topics related to your field. Make thoughtful comments to LinkedIn group discussions and industry-specific blogs. Start your own group discussions by posing pertinent questions to the group members. Even create your own blog sharing your expertise on a particular subject related to your chosen field and promote it on your social networking sites.
  5. Showcase your past work with an online professional portfolio. Utilize platforms like SlideShare.com and Behance.com to accentuate your skills with uploaded writing samples, class projects, presentation slides and videos, etc. Once you have your online portfolio set up, then promote it on your blog and your LinkedIn profile by adding the portfolio’s URL to the appropriate sections.

By showing care in how you represent yourself online, you will gain both the interest and trust of potential employers, and perhaps even a job!


4 Curb College Profs at the Bluebird

On Thursday, August 21st at 6:00 pm, SKOOLYARD featuring Dwayne O'Brien, James Isaac Elliott, Drew Ramsey and Dan Keen will be performing at the Bluebird Cafe. The show is free, but you must make reservations. To reserve your spot click here after Thursday August 14th @ 8:00 am.