Belmont University

May 19, 2009

Our Journey to the Toyota Plant in Toyota City, Japan

JamesThe morning started early today because we had to be at the plant at 10:30 am and we could not miss one train or we would have missed the tour. We had to catch a 7 am train to Kyoto station. Then from there we had to switch trains another 3 times. One of the connections gave us only 9 minutes to rush and catch a train in a station of which we had no knowledge. We made it just in time after we found out that the tickets could be purchased on the train. Once we arrived in Toyota City we then had another 15 minute walk to the Toyota Headquarters to meet our tour guide. Toyota City was very busy (not as much as Kyoto) and currently has over 400,000 residents.

Toyota City ShowroomWe arrived at the tour entrance with time to spare. We were then surrounded by all of the new models of cars that Toyota has developed. They were in perfect condition and the showroom was quite impressive. Also, a robot would play a trumpet every 30 minutes at the entrance of the museum. The song it played for us was “Over the Rainbow” and it was perfect. It made absolutely no mistakes like a human composer. After taking pictures of the showroom we had to leave our cameras and cell phones at the museum because pictures are absolutely not allowed in the building. I can understand the reasoning but it was disappointing because the welding and assembly areas of the plant were simply astounding.

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