Belmont University


It was a shock when I realized that I was in charge of the last blog. Do I make it funny? Witty? Informative? I choose to just reflect and let my words form this message. Well, I have had time to reflect on my experience in Japan. It was totally AWESOME!!! I know most of my companions are in shock, right?!?! True I did get homesick but it was definitely a new experience for me. I will remember the green tea epidemic, lol. It was everywhere. I will cherish my most physical challenge of all time climbing mountains and running from deer! I also really enjoyed watching 2 of the most amazing teachers sing Karaoke! Most of all, I will miss the time spent with my new friends and just simply enjoying the beautiful scenic views that Japan has to offer.

Top Quotes of the Trip
- The Top is where you make it
- I get sea sick in the bathtub!
- My butt is swallowing the seat!
- What is this?!?!
- The Bidet attacked me.

Alter Egos
James.. it!

5 things I won't miss
Waitng for the light to change
Avoiding cars!
Climbing stairs for no reason
No separate checks!!!
Waiting for water!!

Back in the states it is an obvious difference between the cultures and the peaceful nature of the Japanese people,(except in Osaka) allowed us to get lost in the present and not to worry about our past and futures. This peace of mind will definitely be missed.

Contrary to some paranoid minds, (Brooklyn and Sasha)
We all made it through the elimination round.
I am so proud to be apart of the most magnificent Japan group of 2009!!! It was an honor.

Sayonara Japan, and Sayonara to our readers!