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Mt. Hiei - "Just 2 more minutes....."

Japan GroupToday we headed for Mt. Hiei after class. Good thing we had some Italian for lunch, we needed the carbs for this hike...It all started fine with a Temple and Annalise trying to walk across the beams that were obviously giving Dr. Bisson a heart attack. After enjoying our time at this Temple, we headed up the mountain (Mt. Hiei) to a Temple at the top that is supposed to be beautiful.

As Shannon and JT and I took a break, we saw Taylor coming down the sandals he said he couldn't do it..........that's good, based on what we came across on our adventure. Shannon also went back...the mountain was very steep and her feet were still hurting from the day before.

Overlook GroupJT and I trekked on...shortly we found Gabrielle and Annalise. We all conquered the mountain together. Every turn we hoped for the top, but it never came. Eventually, we came to a resort (on top of this mountain?!?) but it was there. That is when we lost Gabrielle- thought she fell off a cliff or something- but she was fine even though we were yelling for her :) After we regrouped we were close to the train station that would take us back home, but I said that we've gone this far...we need to check out this shrine above.

Shortly after checking out the map of where we were, the officials started spraying down the Temple with four "firehoses", but this must be a ritual I have never seen. It was awesome! Check out pics on facebook.

Hunter.jpgWe then conquered the mountain and found the rail train back down the mountain. 10 minute ride compared to the 2+ hours it took us to climb the mountain.

Exhausted and hungry, we headed for home, Otsu.
A great adventure, but speaking for all who were on it...that is the last time we will fight that mountain again ;)




It looks like you are having so much fun!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Much love,

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