Belmont University

LOST...not the tv show but in TOKYO!

Belmont in TokyoPicture a mixture between New York City and Las Vegas but Asian style! This is sweet sweet Tokyo for you. the flashing neon lights, the different fashion statements, fast paced atmosphere, and so so many people. It was wonderful until...Aaron and I were lost! OMG!! If you are going to be lost anywhere...why one of the largest cities in the world?? We were supposed to meet with the group at 9am and we made it..but the rest of our group was not there and we had no phones...Dun dun dunnnnne....Well, we decided to explore Tokyo on our own. Survival Instincts kicking in! (Well...after we took the wrong train in the wrong direction but lets not dwell on that...) This was quite the adventure. First, we made sure that we knew how to get back to the hotel. Next, we were off to Harajuku. This is a very big shopping area with a very unique style. The only way I can describe it is to say that they like to wear Halloween costumes for fun. There are wall to wall stores and people soliciting from the streets. They just opened a Forever 21 and the lines were so long for this one store that you would think that they were going to a Beyonce concert! Also, it was HOT on this particular day! We didn't stay long because we would soon be returning with the group whenever they found us!

BrendaWe decided to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the hotel. Mexican food in Japan...yeah it was amazing. Everything was fresh and tasted authentic. Japan continues to shock and amaze me. We found a fascinating cake place and decided to split one. My, my, my...if you have not had dessert in Japan yet then you do not know what you are missing! This cake took us to heaven and back again until we couldn't take it anymore! LOL. The battle of the cake and us began...The cake won! After meeting up with the group we explored Roppongi! One of the red-light districts in town! It was exciting, so was the dancing. We found out that the group got lost and that is why they were not at the meeting spot. Aaron and are the first to arrive at Ueno...You are safe from the elimination round! Who would've guessed the lost-prone two out of the group made it!