Belmont University

Marieta Velikova Introduces the 2009 Japan Trip

 Japan is an extraordinarily important country for the United States. It is our second largest trading partner, serves as a major source of savings for the U.S. economy, and is the second largest foreign investor in the U.S. Perhaps more significant, Japan has emerged as one of the world's most competitive manufacturing nations and as one of the main sources of capital. The image of Japan as economic juggernaut has recently given way to the current worries about the stability of Japan's economy. The current financial crisis questioned the Asian model that relies heavily on exports to the Western countries, and primarily US.
The goals of this study abroad program is to develop basic knowledge of modern Japanese history understand Japanese economic system and main sources of its economic success and weaknesses as well as develop an appreciation for Japanese language and culture. We will have an opportunity to visit Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, Uji, Osaka, and Hiroshima while staying in Otsu. This way we will have a glance at traditional Japan, as well as modern Japan.