Mission to Haiti – Day 7

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Sara Camp

Our last day in Haiti began with a lovely sunrise and something like a grits and spinach casserole for breakfast. We have so enjoyed the authentic Haitian cuisine we have had.

Then we headed halfway up the mountain for our last clinic day where we saw over 50 people, bringing our total for the week to around 200. Today the people we saw included several with severe hypertension, a 33 year old lady with bilateral pitting edema (swollen feet), and two pregnant women. All the students were thrilled to hear the fetal heart sounds! As we headed back down the mountain we stopped to make a home visit to a lady with severe ascites, who Jenny sees on a regular basis. Despite her extremely poor physical condition, her smile lit up the room. She was one of many we will always remember because of her inner joy.

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Mission to Haiti – Day 6

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Todd Lake and Martha Ezell

Today started off with a bang… Not really a bang, more of a whoosh. We got a flat tire shortly after leaving the place we stay.  We napped for two hours on the steps of a church before the tire was replaced and we were off again in our open-backed truck with 27 Haitians and Americans, three trunks of medicine, all our water and food, and several unexplained bags of cement.

We set up the clinic three hours late in a large open cinderblock church with a beautiful view of the mountains.  As always, the Haitians were endlessly patient.  We had five stations:  check-in, vitals, history, assessments, pharmacy, and prayer. We rotate each day, getting to interact with the team and patients in different ways. Late in the afternoon after the last patient was seen, we learned that our truck had yet another flat tire. FYI: we were eight miles up a mountain. The decision was mad that we would begin walking down while the tire was repaired. 3 miles down, the truck rolled by. God is indeed faithful and we made it safely home.

We have all fallen in love with the people we have met here. Each morning before clinic opens, the assembled community gathers with us for a hymn and prayer. This is not, as some of us had been warned, a “dark or godless” place. We see hope everywhere. The faces of children and the smiles of the elderly remind us that God is here and He is working. Continue reading

Mission to Haiti – Day 5

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Martha Ezell and Charly Hood

We apologize for the lack of news last night; we did not have internet. This is information from Sunday:

Post Saturday nights blog, we took a trip to the local smoothie shop for our first Haitian night life experience. We arrived to find a crowd of people, a single light bulb, a woman, and her blender. Our options for the night were: papaya, bread fruit, or potato. The majority of us thought we were playing it safe by choosing papaya, but the mixture of evaporated milk, sugar, and the raw fruit itself made for an interesting taste sensation.

Following a delightful late night thunderstorm, our fifth day in Haiti dawned warm and sunny. Breakfast was a traditional Haitian staple, pumpkin soup with potatoes and carrots. We were honored to attend an outdoor worship service with the group of believers in Grand Goave. Every member of our team was impacted by the passion and authenticity of the worship! We were struck by the realization that those who actually depend on God’s mercy for their “daily bread” do not find it difficult to express gratitude to Him. Continue reading

Mission to Haiti – Day 4

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Julia Jordan-Lake (The baby)

“only one life ’twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last”.

The previous line was used in last nights devotion. Each night we have had a chance to debrief and process our day as a group. Waking up, we were greeted with mystery meat or as we later agreed upon, “spicy tuna”. After breakfast, we walked to the market. Sort of like the hip, organic farmers markets, but…not. We learned quickly to make way for various chickens, donkeys, pigs, and children carrying huge bushels of bananas. The “parking lot” at the end of the market held roughly 30 donkeys…and their waste. On the walk back, we stopped to buy cold beverages and were thrilled to hear a karaoke cover of Rhinna and see Reese’s peanut cups. Continue reading

Mission to Haiti – Day 3

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Emily Hawley and Hailey Wickles (pictured)

Picking up from last night we will tell you about our nighttime adventure… We were getting ready for bed and miss Martha startled the room announcing “ohhh my gosh- WE HAVE A CRAB!” of course hostess Jenny came in wondering why the crazy Americans were yelling and found us trying to coax the football size crab (no joke) out from underneath Julia’s bed. We soon settled down for another night of rest and we were glad to “sleep in” until 5am when the rooster (that we have named el diablo- Spanish for the devil) had our wake up call.

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Mission to Haiti – Day 2

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Charly Hood & Reiley Heaberlin

Our day started off early as our little rooster friend woke us up at 3am. We ignored him as best we could until breakfast was served at 6am (where we had spicy peanut butter.) We then prepared for the day, loaded up our open cage truck, and headed up the mountain.

We traveled about an hour through rough terrain, holding on for dear life all the while. Thankfully, we had a beautiful view to distract us. The mountains, the trees, the crops, the houses, the animals, the water, and the people were absolutely beautiful to see. Once we made it to our sight for the day, Mt. Sinai, we unloaded the truck and hiked about a quarter of a mile to the church at where we would be setting up our clinic.

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Mission to Haiti – Day 1

Mission to Haiti 2012
from Martha Ezell

We arrived safely in port au prince then traveled with our hosts to Grand Goave, we are all settled in at the conscience international house. We have dined on delicious chicken and rice. Tomorrow we will travel “up the mountain” to a small community called Mt. Sinai and help conduct a clinic. We feel God’s presence and faithfulness. Love from Sara, Martha, Cilla, Todd, Julia, Charly, Hailey, Reiley, Julie and Emily.

Haiti Update #12

Jen Watters Haiti Blog
Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 8:48am
Jen Watters.jpg Bonjour!
Excuse Moi! Sorry that I missed sending out the update last week. These last two weeks have been a little crazy as my time in Haiti is wrapping up! And now I have less than two days left!! It’s quite strange. On one hand I’m really sad to leave, but on the other hand I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone. I’ve missed you guys!!! And, also sleeping in a real bed with my PILLOW!!!!
I’ve spent the last two weeks continuing to work in Diquini hospital in Carrefour, and there have been lots of changes. One of our big projects for the last two weeks was to help discharge about 40 people from the hospital, many of whom had been living there since the earthquake. After the earthquake they set up tons of huge tents in front of the hospital to help house all of the extra patients, anyone without acute medical needs was moved out there. And then they kind of all just stayed. Our group was the only one who had any records on the people out there, so we were asked to help organize the discharges. Just an example of working here – you kind of have to be a jack of all trades: PT, social worker, discharge planner! Anyway, we were able to work with IOM which is a branch of the UN that helps displaced people and they were able to get most of the patients’ tents and help them return either to their property or to a place nearby with family or friends. It was interesting to see the patients’ reactions. One lady was so excited to leave, she was packed up with all of her things, sitting in a chair ready to go the first day, before we had even organized anything. She had just heard that people were leaving and wanted to go home. I think she was a little upset when we told her that she would have to wait a couple of days before it was her turn. The first day they took about 5 people with all their stuff in a mini-bus (a big van) there was one guy who jumped in the van as soon as it pulled up there and just sat in there several hours, happily waiting until everyone else was loaded up! He wanted to make sure he got a spot on the bus!

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