Dr. Michaels Presents at Higher Education International Round Table at Oxford

This conference was held at the Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Harris Manchester College is one of the 38 colleges that make up the University of Oxford, and those presenting can stay in one of the college dorms. All meals are also served on the campus.

Membership in the Round Table is by invitation only. The International Round Table Symposium is an international organization created to promote education and the discussion of various topics “that enrich the human experience and enhance the human condition… in a think-tank atmosphere.” Presenters from all over the world meet to present their research. After each presentation, there is an opportunity for a hearty discussion with difficult questions and intellectual repartee. The presenters also received a tour of Oxford, which is an area rich in educational history.

Dr. Michaels’ presentation in Oxford was extremely well received, and she received requests to perform research in collaboration with professors from three other universities during the symposium.

Belmont Ranked Top 12 Christian University in America

Belmont is one of the best Christian universities in America, according to a list by The Edvocate that ranked the University no. 12 on its recent list of 2020 Best Christian Colleges and Universities in America.

In addition to the overall list, Belmont tied for fourth place for outstanding undergraduate teaching. The site ranked Belmont no. 5 among regional universities in the South, highlighting the university’s offerings for veterans and degrees in music and music production.

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Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame Announces 2019 Inductees

Health Care Hall of Fame inductees announced at McWhorter Society Luncheon
(L to R) Dick Miller, Clara Elam, David and Lynn Barton and Mary Bufwack, Ph.D.

Hall of Fame’s fifth class represents some ofTennessee’s most influential health care leaders

The Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame announced the seven health care professionals selected as this year’s inductee class at a luncheon on Belmont University’s campus today. With a mission to honor men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to the health and health care industries, the Hall of Fame was created in 2015 by Belmont University, the McWhorter Society and the Nashville Health Care Council, a founding partner. The seven honorees will be inducted at a ceremony in October.

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OT Students and Faculty featured in Lebanon Democrat for efforts with Go Baby Go

Students and faculty in the Occupational Therapy program at Belmont University recently traveled to Permobil’s corporate headquarters in Lebanon, Tennessee to help outfit custom-fit toy cars for children with mobility impairments as part of the Go Baby Go program.  The event was covered by reporter Matt Masters of the Lebanon Democrat with a feature article in the newspaper, excerpted below.

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Dr. Robinson and Dr. Williams Present at Tennessee Physical Therapy Association Meeting

Williams and Robinson

Dr. Kevin Robinson and Dr. Christi Williams, faculty in the School of Physical Therapy, presented a continuing education course for physical therapists throughout the state at the Tennessee Physical Therapy Association’s (TPTA) Spring Meeting.  The TPTA meeting was held at the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville this past weekend.  The course taught by Robinson and Williams was entitled, “Are You Over or Underestimating Your Patient’s Strengths? New Technology for Today’s PT’s.”

Belmont PT Students Go to Capitol Hill

The Belmont Doctoral Physical Therapy Class of 2020 was given an opportunity to learn first-hand about legislation and its effect on health care. On Friday, March 8, Dr. Natalie Michaels, professor in the College of Health Sciences, brought her Health Care Systems Class to meet Dr. Joe Black, the legislative committee co-chair for the Tennessee Physical Therapy Association (TPTA).

He introduced the class to Lobbyists Lou Alsobrooks and Estie Harris who spoke about their work with Congress and the Senate to support the physical therapy profession. Black also spoke to the students at length about physical therapy, the importance of staying involved and his role with the TPTA. He then led the group on a tour of the grounds.

“The students were engaged and extremely professional. I’m humbled and proud to be able to be part of the prestigious faculty-team who teach these amazing men and women,” Michaels said.

Dr. Voight Serves as Invited Faculty Member at Annual Scandinavian Congress

Dr, Mike Voight, professor in Belmont’s School of Physical Therapy, was recently an invited faculty member at the Annual Scandinavian Congress of Medicine & Science in Sports. The aim of this Congress is to create contact between physiotherapists working in sports and physical activity, provide training, share knowledge and create working relationships with other professionals with the same interest.

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PT Students Hear Lecture from World-Renowned Ultrasonographer

Belmont University physical therapy students recently participated in a lecture on ultrasound examination of the hip and the use of ultrasound guided injections by Beth Bardowski NP, a world renowned ultrasonographer from the Nashville Hip Institute.

Bardowski is a sought out clinician/educator that has taught numerous diagnostic ultrasound courses to surgeons from around the world. While at Belmont, she guided the students through the anatomy of the hip and demonstrated how the diagnostic ultrasound is used in both the assessment of the hip as well as the follow-up treatment of various hip dysfunction.

Physical Therapy Students Complete International Clinical Affiliations

Belmont physical therapy students have the opportunity to complete international clinical affiliations including alongside seven Italian facilities that are coordinated by Eduglobal Associates, founded by Michael Arnall, PT, MS, MBA.  Following his tenure as Chair of the DPT program at Saint Francis University in 2006, Michael began collaborating with American PT schools to provide internships at Italian rehabilitation facilities, including Fondazione Turati in Tuscany, where he worked as a staff PT in 1981-82. Eduglobal Associates currently contracts with over 50 PT schools and Belmont has been an affiliate since 2012. A group of 34 Belmont PT students has been mentored by Italian clinical instructors through the past seven years.

Gail Bursch, PT, MSEd, CWS, director of clinical education and Belmont adjunct faculty member Janet Szczepanski, PT, MHS both serve on the advisory board of Eduglobal Associates. In Pistoia, Italy last September, they provided clinical instructor training for 45 Italian clinical instructors mentoring PT students.

The course included eight hours of content and case study activities based on the pilot course taught to 10 of the Italian PT managers during the October 2016 APTA National Student Conclave Meeting in Miami. Therefore, the majority of the clinical instructors at the Italian clinical sites have been trained. They mentor a total of 90 students each year from programs across the US on clinical affiliations that span from 8 – 12 weeks.

PT Students Present Research at National Conference

This research project is the third phase of a project investigating the strength and functional testing of Nashville ballet performers with a goal of identifying dancers at risk of developing an injury.

Student Tyler Hoek presented his group’s research poster, developed by students Tiffany Bennett, Sheyenne Turk and Zach Petrosky with faculty advisors, Kevin Robinson, Craig Parker, Pat Sells and John Halle. This project was investigated the effect of an 8-week neuromuscular training program on lower extremity biomechanics of collegiate athletes, and is geared toward helping to reduce the incidence of non-contact injuries such as ACL injuries in athletes.

Congressman Cooper Speaks to Physical Therapy Class

Belmont’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy class of 2020 received a visit from Congressman Jim Cooper during their Health Care Systems class taught by Professor Natalie Michaels last week.

Congressman Cooper interacted with students, discussing everything from the history of health care in the United States, to the current state of health and student debt in our country. He spoke candidly about the current situation in both the state and federal governments regarding health care and answered questions for the students.

Belmont PT Students Present Research at National Conference

Belmont Physical Therapy student researchers Samantha Cook, Colleen Manning and Jessie Mills presented two papers at the National Physical Therapy Conference in Washington DC on Jan. 26.  Their research was conducted at Belmont and included two other student researchers Ashley Thomas and Royale Lopez. The group was mentored by professor Kathleen Galloway.

The presentations, “Superficial to deep fibular sensory nerve communication in the foot: a study of anatomic variation” and “Normative values for deep fibular nerve conduction and deep fibular nerve musculoskeletal ultrasound” were enthusiastically received by clinicians in attendance.

Dr. Voight Presents at American Physical Therapy Association Combined Meeting

Recently, Dr. Mike Voight from the School of Physical Therapy gave a keynote presentation at the annual Combined Sections Meeting for the American Physical Therapy Association held in Washington DC. Several hundred people were in attendance to learn how to get your scientific research published.

The presentation looked at the peer review process through the eyes of a reviewer which gave the audience a glimpse into the scenes of evaluating a manuscript. In turn, this could help scholars submit better qualified manuscripts for publication.

College of Health Sciences and College of Pharmacy Hosts Inter-Professional Events

More than 200 first year graduate students in the Colleges of Health Sciences and Pharmacy participated in an inter-professional seminar focused on understanding the roles and responsibilities of each discipline as part of an inter-professional team to maximize patient outcomes. As part of this event, students worked on teams to create the tallest structure they could using spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow.

Approximately 190 second year graduate students from the Colleges of Health Sciences and Pharmacy also participated in an inter-professional seminar which explored the importance of communication and the risk of medical errors when there is miscommunication. These inter-professional events enable students to learn from and with students from other disciplines who will be their professional colleagues when they graduate.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Disseminate Research Findings

Belmont’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Class of 2019 students recently completed and disseminated their research findings with a poster presentation in the lobby of McWhorter on November 6 and a formal platform presentation in Janet Ayers Academic Center on November 13.

Several student research groups had their research accepted for a platform presentation or poster presentation at a national level conference for physical therapists, Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), which will be held in Washington D.C. in January 2019.


Dr. Kathy Galloway, PT, DSc, ECS and her student research group will be presenting the following 2 platform presentations at CSM:

  • Superficial to deep fibular sensory nerve communication in the foot: Samantha Cook, SPT, Royale Lopez, SPT, Colleen Manning, SPT, Jessie Mills, SPT, Ashley Thomas, SPT, Kathleen Galloway, PT, DSc, ECS
  • Normal values for deep fibular nerve musculoskeletal ultrasound and deep fibular sensory nerve conduction: Samantha Cook, SPT, Royale Lopez, SPT, Colleen Manning, SPT, Jessie Mills, SPT, Ashley Thomas, SPT, Kathleen Galloway, PT, DSc, ECS

Dr. Kevin Robinson, PT, Dsc, OCS and his student research group will be presenting the following 2 poster presentations at CSM:

  • The Use of Proximal Hip Strength and Kinematic Motion to Identify Dancers at Risk for Lower Extremity Injury: Eric Bengtson SPT, MA, ATC, Kristyn Harris SPT, Meredith Massengale SPT, Ross Gentry SPT, Kevin Robinson PT, DSc, OCS
  • Investigation of an Eight-week Neuromuscular Training Intervention on Biomechanical Parameters of the Lower Quarter in Collegiate Pivoting Athletes: Craig Parker, PT, DPT, Kevin Robinson, PT, DSc, Tyler Hoek, SPT, Tiffany Bennett, SPT, Sheyenne Turk, SPT, Zach Petrosky, SPT, Pat Sells, DA

Dr. Christi Williams, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT and her student research group had their research accepted for publication:

  • An Animal-Assisted Intervention’s Influence on Graduate Students’ Stress and Anxiety Priot to an Examination in Open Access Library Journal: Williams C, Emond K, Maynord K, Simpkins J, Stumbo A, Terhaar T. Click here for access.

Research topics at the Belmont University Symposium included:

  • Examination of Pediatric Balance Scale, 2nd Edition (PBS-II) Performance in Children with Down Syndrome: Student researchers Maria Drake SPT, Amy Marple SPT, Cassie Mosher SPT, Macey Thornburg SPT and faculty mentors Nancy Darr PT, DSc, NCS
  • Accuracy of Heart Rate Monitoring in Apple and Garmin Watches: Student researchers Brittany Gooch SPT, CSCS, Mackenzie Jones SPT, Maura McAfee SPT , Kaylie Shingleton SPT and faculty mentor Suzanne Greenwalt PT, DPT, CCS, GCS
  • The Effect of Direct Sensory Electrical Stimulation of the Ham-string Muscles on Hamstring Extensibility: Student researchers Nathan Dyer SPT, Elie Hsu SPT, Nichole Raaf SPT, Lauren Estes SPT, Courtney Vick SPT and faculty mentor Cathy Hinton PT, PhD
  • Does using electromyography feedback improve physical therapy students’ dry needling accuracy when asked to dry needle specific muscles?: Student researchers Kendall Knisley SPT, Russell Cook SPT, Dakota Herren SPT, Michelle Klontz SPT, Spencer Petett SPT and faculty mentor John Halle PT, PhD, ECS
  • Acute Effects of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) on Physiological Variables During Low Intensity Treadmill Walking: Student researchers Justin Avila SPT, Chase Batty SPT, Clay Henson SPT, Lindsay Jackson SPT, Kara Mae Sheft SPT and faculty mentor Patrick Sells DA
  • Investigation of an Eight-Week Neuromuscular Training Intervention on Biomechanical Parameters of the Lower Quarter in Collegiate Pivoting Athletes: Student researchers Tyler Hoek SPT, Tiffany Bennett SPT, Sheyenne Turk SPT, Zach Petrosky SPT and Faculty mentors Craig Parker PT, DPT, Kevin Robinson PT, DSc, OCS and Patrick Sells DA, John Halle PT, PhD, ECS
  • Hip Rotational Range of Motion and Driving Distance in PGA Tour Golfers: Student researchers Clint Lester SPT, Jack Davis SPT, Shelby Smith SPT, Ryan Tapp SPT and faculty mentor Mike Voight PT, DHSc, SCS, OCS, ATC, CSCS, FAPTA

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Dr. Voight Presents at 2018 Orthopaedic Summit

Dr. Mike Voight, professor in the School of Physical Therapy, recently gave four invited presentations about the hip at the 2018 Orthopaedic Summit, a prestigious meeting for Orthopaedic Surgeons with a distinguished faculty from around the world.

More than 1,800 surgeons and health care providers attended the meeting, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vanden Noven Presents at 2018 Lilly Conference

Belmont University was, again, well-represented at the 2018 Lilly Conference on College Teaching held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio earlier this month. Eight Belmont faculty participants from religion, media studies, biology, English, psychological science, sport science and the Teaching Center attended the event.

Dr. Marnie Vanden Noven provided an encore presentation version of “The Elephant in the Classroom: Addressing Sensitive Topics With Skill and Courage” which she initially developed with Julie Hunt (social work) for the 2017 Lilly Conference. She explored the teacher’s role in fostering an environment where students are included and feel safe to discuss potentially taboo topics in meaningful, productive and transformative ways.

Belmont Hosts Health and Well-Being Fair

Student talks with community vendor at Health and Well-being fair

Belmont University recently hosted its first Health and Well-being Fair, an event sponsored by the University’s Be Well BU initiative to promote a health and well-balanced lifestyle throughout the Belmont community. The fair showcased over 40 organizations focused on sharing information about a variety of topics with students, faculty and staff in attendance. Continue reading

Dr. Voight Inducted into Titleist Performance Hall of Fame

Dr. Mike Voight, professor of physical therapy, was recently inducted into the inaugural Titleist Golf Performance Institute Hall of Fame class. He was recognized for his lifetime of being a leader in both promoting the game of golf and helping PGA Tour players reach their highest level of performance.

Specifically, it was noted that Voight has been a worldwide leader in the development of testing algorithms in order to detect impairments and build treatment programs.

Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame Inducts 2018 Class at Luncheon and Ceremony

Event efforts collectively raise more than $1 million for student support

The Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame inducted its 2018 class, made up of seven health care legends from across the state, at a luncheon and ceremony in Belmont’s Curb Event today. Hosted by Partner at DVL Seigenthaler John Seigenthaler, Jr., the Hall of Fame seeks to recognize and honor the pioneers and current leaders that have formed Tennessee’s health and health care community and encourage future generations of health care professionals. Continue reading

Dr. Campbell & Dr. Voight Present at International Society for Hip Arthroscopy and Preservation

During the recent annual congress of the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy and Hip Preservation held in Melbourne Australia, Belmont University School of Physical Therapy Adjunct Instructor Dr. Ashley Campbell along with Professor Dr. Mike Voight showcased a research poster presentation.

Attended by over 600 surgeons from around the world, the annual ISHA congress brings together the world’s best professionals who assess and treat hip injuries. During the closing ceremonies, ISHA President Dr. Chuck Cakic from South Africa and Dr. John O’Donnell from Australia recognized Campbell as having the best physical therapy research poster.

Dr. Voight Speaks at International Society of Hip Arthroscopy Annual Congress

Professor of Physical Therapy Dr. Mike Voight recently spoke at the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy annual congress held in Melbourne, Australia. Serving as co-chair of the physical therapy programming, Voight was also invited to serve as an invited lecturer at the event.

Throughout the four-day congress, he gave several presentations on the management of hip injuries and on the emerging use of orthobiologics. In addition to invited presentations, Voight had two research platform presentations accepted for presentation. Attended by over 600 surgeons from around the world, the annual ISHA congress brings together the world’s best professionals who assess and treat hip injuries.

Belmont Physical Therapy Student Completes Clinical Experience in Peru

Recent 2018 Belmont Doctorate of Physical Therapy graduate Alicia Bowden completed a unique experience while in school when she traveled to Arequipa, Peru for one of her clinicals. While there, she worked with “Work the World,” an organization that coordinates international clinical internships tailored to a variety of healthcare backgrounds. With the help of Gail Bursch, associate professor of physical therapy & director of clinical education, Bowden was placed in the physiotherapy department at Hospital Goyeneche, one of the oldest and most respected medical institutions in southern Peru, where she spent six weeks working in acute and outpatient care.

This true Spanish immersion clinical experience was fast-paced, challenging and very rewarding.  “Working in the hospital was a bit of a culture shock at first,” she said, “but by the end of my placement, I truly felt that I had become part of the team.” Continue reading

Dr. Voight Participates in Warrick Medical Consensus Group

In August, Professor of Physical Therapy Dr. Mike Voight participated in the Warrick Medical Consensus Group that serves to establish world-wide guidelines in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of hip injuries. Most specifically, the Group works closely with the UK National Health trust to establish treatment guidelines.

As one of 18 invited experts from around the world, Voight provided insight in the rehabilitation of the hip following surgery.  he proceedings from this group will be published in an upcoming issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Voight Speaks at Sports Hip 18 Congress, Represents the US

Dr. Mike Voight, professor of physical therapy, recently served as an invited speaker at the Sports Hip 18 Congress held in the UK. With more than 300 hip surgeons and physical therapists from around the world in attendance, Voight who was one of 20 invited world-wide presenters (and represented the United States) who spoke on the importance of taking a good history in the diagnosis of hip pain.