Mission to Haiti: We have arrived

Mission to Haiti
from Katelyn Walker

A team of students and faculty from Belmont University School of Nursing is ministering in Haiti during Belmont’s Spring Break.  This is the second year a team has traveled there.

After some delay in Miami, we finally arrived with no problems a little after 1 p.m.  The journey to our destination was definitely an experience to say the least.  We were able to see much of Port Au Prince and many of the towns on the way to Grand Guave.  We are settled in and had a wonderful dinner with our hosts.  Tomorrow, Saturday, we are looking forward to helping out at the pharmacy and organizing meds for our upcoming days at our mobile clinics.

P.S. The caribbean is gorgeous, but the bugs definitely are not.

From your friends and family in Haiti!!!  We will update as we can, hopefully every evening.