Our family

2010 Pine Ridge Trip
CassidyHS.jpg This place is indescribable. The feelings that run through you are unlike any other. In this “circle” world, there is no need for a mask to guard you, no fear of judgment, but rather an acceptance, an understanding, and a warm “blanket” of family.
Part of our family left us today, back to the “square” world, but there are no goodbyes. It’s doksha – see you later. Within a matter of seven days, we formed this close bond and became family. It was as if we were all meant to be here together, a unique blend that really made this trip unlike any other. We all come away from this experience with the memory of each other, what we have learned, and the hope to spread that knowledge in the “square” world.
PineRidge10 Group.jpg

What a gift we have been given out here, and I am so fortunate to have taken part. Everything has a meaning and they teach you to be observant – the meadowlark singing on the wooden post, the dreams that come to you, the emotions and energy… We took part in many spiritual ceremonies: the inipi, the vision quest, and we’ve learned some of the language, seen their cultural dances at the pow wow, learned to cook buffalo stew and fried bread, given each other Lakota names, among many other things. Each experience has left a powerful impression on us because they mean so much to the people here, and each has a history behind it.
Many people see the Native Americans as poverty-stricken, but they are truly rich. They possess things that many millionaires can only dream of despite their monetary wealth. Money cannot buy happiness, and these people are filled with joy, love, hope, and a positive energy that emanates through you. They are rich in their culture and, with that, material possessions are of no importance. How I wish the world was more like this, more of a circle rather than a square.
I hope that others have a chance to experience this circle in their lifetime, along with these people who have become my family.
Woman where the earth meets the sky