2010 Pine Ridge Trip
MarkHS.jpg Mystical is the one word I would choose to decribe Pine Ridge, SD. This reservation town as well as he surrounding community has shared the spiritual essence of the lakota people with us.
Yesterday we were at the Crazy Horse Memorial. When complete this monument carved intot the Black Hills will be the largest monument on the globe. We’re so blessed to have Leonard Little Finger with us on our journey, because he shares his stories with us at each significant place in Native American History. We discuss the irony of blasting out a giant edifice of a great warrior,Crazy Horse in what has been held as sacred ground for hundreds of years.I’m so proud of our students; challenging what they see and hear as well as their own preformed values and beliefs. For the past two nights we’ve watched films on Wounded Knee 1 and 2 (look it up) and afterwards engaged in discussion on the relationships between the indifenous people and the European descendants who landed here centuries ago. I can’t wait for what lies ahead for the rest of the week.
Our pharmacy teamwill be starting a community relations project this Friday so stay tuned for more!