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Power lunch: Getting a job using social media

Did you know that 80% of hiring managers use social media to find talent? At this month's power lunch, we'll discuss how you can boost your profile.

When: Friday, February 8 from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Where: Massey Business Center, Room 203A

Who: Joshua Waldman, national speaker and author

Register here for the event. Deadline is February 7. Space is limited, so the first 30 people to sign up will secure a spot.


October power lunch: Aegis Sciences Corporation

Massey students, join us October 30th for this month's power lunch, when we visit Aegis Sciences Corporation. Aegis is a forensic chemical and drug-testing laboratory specializing in drug testing for businesses, professional and amateur sports drug testing, pain management physicians, and medical examiners.

The lunch will take place from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on the 30th. RSVP by emailing

We hope you come to this valuable networking event!


Message from the Associate Dean: Busy Times – A Month in the Life…

If there is one thing I hear increasingly when talking to students and alums, it's how busy everyone is.  And at some point we have to question whether or not email is actually making our lives easier or more difficult.  I wrote a blog piece in 2010 on a piece where someone had predicted that by 2015, at the current rate of acceleration, managers would be spending "over 100%" of their time just doing email.  Any way we slice it, we are busy folks performing demanding tasks in demanding positions and for organizations that seem to expect more from their employees each and every year.

The Massey School and Belmont are no different. With student enrollment growth that has increased from roughly 3,000 just over a decade ago to 6,400 this past fall, we are already a much different organization than most of you as alums remember us being.  There is a lot going on here at Belmont as we continue to grow, and The Massey School is continuing to expand as well.  Stay tuned next month for the announcement of yet another new business program that we are very excited about launching -- more about that in the May 1 eLeader!

For now, though, I thought it might be interesting to give you a sample of what a month is like here in Massey as of 2012.  If, for example, you graduated back in 1997, maybe it's food for thought in terms of what is the same vs. what is new and different.  So, here is a snapshot of what's on our calendar of "unique" events for this month:


2 - Massey Graduate Council Meeting
4 - Nashville Women's MBA Meeting (Massey Chapter) and Celebration
5 - Last Chance - ETS Major Field Test (Exit Exam) for Professional MBA Students
6 - CLOSED for Good Friday
9 - Faculty/Staff Retirement Reception - Dr. Jennie Carter Thomas
9 - Professional Photography  Sitting-Headshots Opportunity for Massey Students (Images by Teal)
11 - Massey Industry Spotlight Session - "Technology" - President & CEO Nashville Technology Council
12 - Massey Information Session for Prospective Students
12 - Massey Student Power Luncheon - Caterpillar Finance Executive VP & CFO Jim Duensing
13 - Fall Registration for Classes Opens (Alums to begin Massey Passport Requests)
14 - Massey Students to Assist with National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Mid-South Chapter) Walk Event
14 - Professional Photography Sitting-Headshots Opportunity for Massey Students (Images by  Teal)
16 - Massey Graduate Council Meeting
16 - Massey Alumni Board Meeting
19 - Massey Alumni Networking Event - Drake's at Cool Springs (6-9 p.m.)
21 - Last pre-Trip Meeting - Massey PMBA/MACC Study Abroad (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
23 - Last pre-Trip Meeting - Massey Accelerated MBA Study Abroad (Cape Town, South Africa)
23 - (through 27) Massey Lean Healthcare Certificate Course Launch (23-27) with Healthcare Performance Partners
29 - Habitat for Humanity Build (partnering with Habitat's Young Professionals group)
30 - Massey Graduate Council Meeting

Takeaways? Yes, like you, we are a busier place than we used to be with many people and events vying for our attention and time.  Looking on the bright side, though, think of all the wonderful new opportunities for learning and networking that are now available for Massey students and alumni!  Let us know how you'd like to become more involved in our program and if you see even more opportunities where we can be of service to you as alums.  Back to email...


Power lunch: Advertising in the legal arena


DATE: February 9, 2012

TIME: 11:00AM – 12:30PM

COMPANY: CJ Advertising

HOST: Arnie Malham- CEO & Founder

LOCATION: 300 10th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37203

***The Power Lunch is limited to 20 students***
Please RSVP to Tina Bielefeld, PMBA Chair, at

One day while sitting at his desk at Channel 5 News in Nashville, Tennessee, then-sales representative Arnie Malham had an idea that would dramatically alter his life. Familiar with the advertising needs of lawyers through his work at Channel 5, Malham soon realized that many law firms lacked the necessary assistance to better capture the attention of potential clients. After careful thought and planning, CJ Advertising was established in 1992 with its office based in Malham’s home. In 1994, with the great demand for their services, Malham expanded the agency to include the following departments: Production, Print Services, Yellow Page Management, Web Services, Public Relations, Media Services, and Brand Management.

Now, as the largest full-service advertising agency in the United States that exclusively services injury law firms, CJ Advertising is a leader in the creation, promotion, and distribution of direct response advertising for injury lawyers. With 68 dedicated full-time professionals, the agency currently produces advertising campaigns for 40 law firms in 70-plus markets nationwide. Additionally, the success and services of cj Advertising is accompanied by Legal Intake Professionals, which provides around-the-clock and holiday legal intake services to injury law firms across the nation.

The agency’s growth proves that Malham was on target when he seized the opportunity to work with injury law firms. As for the future of cj and its sister businesses, things look bright. Malham and his administrative staff have established cj Advertising as one of the best places to work in the country, and continue to bring aboard new talent to ensure continued excellence in service and product development.

For parking, please park in the lot to the right of the building (when approaching the building from Demonbreun St, the lot is immediately on the left, across from Cummins Station).


February power lunch: Discover your inner CEO

The Massey School Career Development Center is pleased to announce a career power lunch on Friday, February 24 in the Massey Boardroom 11:30-1:00.

Join us as renowned speaker Elizabeth Freedman, MBA, Author, Executive Coach and Senior Communications Consultant, will discuss Discovering Your Professional Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value.

In this engaging, interactive session, you will roll up your sleeves and find out how to:
-Look at your life through the lens of stories to find one that illustrates one of your “brand” values
-Translate that story into a powerful “lesson” that touches hearts and minds
-Identify an opportunity to use storytelling to communicate your authentic, unique leader brand
-Brainstorm a strategy to leverage your brand to move ahead or transition into a new career
-Map out a personal brand plan - to make a name and raise your profile in your career

Click here to register: Please RSVP by Feb. 21.

Attendees will be eligible to win a copy of the book: Discover Your CEO Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value.


November Power Lunch with C3 Consulting


DATE: November 17, 2011

TIME: 11:00AM – 1:00PM

COMPANY: C3 Consulting

HOST: Beth R. Chase - President & CEO/Partner

LOCATION: 2975 Sidco Drive    Nashville, TN 37204

***The Power Lunch is limited to 10 students, please be sure you are interested in Consulting as a career before filling one of these limited spaces ***
Please RSVP to Tina Bielefeld, PMBA Chair, at


With 25 years of experience in consulting and information technology, Beth brings strong leadership expertise and insight to business development, consulting, employee relations and client relationship management.

As a principal consultant, Beth specializes in helping companies redesign and streamline critical business processes that increase value and reduce costs. She manages strategic initiatives, facilitates planning sessions for complex decision-making and system/process definition and helps businesses assess software needs. Beth has worked with Fortune 100 clients in the healthcare, insurance, distribution, manufacturing, publishing and financial services industries.

Prior to starting C3, Beth co-founded a local management and information technology consulting firm that grew into a $4 million, 35-person business. She began her career with IBM Corporation, holding a variety of sales, financial and consulting positions, including Global Consulting Services Practice Leader in the area of Workflow Automation.


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Upcoming December Power Lunch

DATE: December 1, 2011

TIME: 11:00AM – 1:00PM

COMPANY: Tennessee Bun Company

HOST: Cordia Harrington - CEO & Founder

LOCATION: 2975 Armory Drive, Nashville, TN 37204

***The Power Lunch is limited to 15 students***
Please RSVP to Tina Bielefeld, PMBA Chair, at


Cordia Harrington is owner and founder of Tennessee Bun Company, LLC, which includes three plants and five product lines. In addition, her businesses include Bakery Express and Cold Storage of Nashville. Tennessee Bun Company’s high-speed lines bake over four million buns, biscuits and English muffins per day for McDonald’s and other wholesale and retail customers in the United States, Caribbean and South America.

Prior to baking, Harrington was a McDonald’s owner/operator with three stores in central Illinois.  Harrington joined Illini YPO in 1993, where she served as chairman of and participated in Forum for ten years. Upon forming Tennessee Bun Company, Harrington moved to Nashville and joined Rebel Chapter, then CEO. Harrington’s fellow CEO friends have given this energetic leader the nickname “Bun-Lady”. Harrington has leadership experience with several business and civic boards. Presently, she is serving her second term on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Nashville Branch. She served as chairman of the St. Thomas and Baptist Hospital Foundation Board, and she is a trustee of Belmont University, a Tiffany Circle member of the American Red Cross and a member of the Points of Light Tribute Committee honoring President George H.W. Bush in 2011.


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Massey Power Lunch Series Continues

Current Massey Students Only

Lee Jones

Regional Executive and Senior Officer of the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve

Massey is proud to have Lee Jones, Regional Executive and Senior Officer at the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, as part of the Massey Power Lunch Series.

Jones oversees Nashville’s economic and financial education programs and provides regional input into the Atlanta Fed’s monetary policy process.  He currently serves as the “face of the Federal Reserve” for Nashville and other areas around Tennessee.

Jones works directly with Dennis Lockhart, the Atlanta Fed President, to help formulate monetary policy at the Federal Open Market Committee Meetings chaired by Ben Bernake, current Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  We are looking forward to Jones’s comments on the current financial situation in the United States, as well as, its impact on Nashville and its surrounding areas.

Where: Jack C. Massey Boardroom

When: Wednesday, September 7th from 11:30 to 1:00

RSVP: Katie Fredericks at

For more information on Mr. Jones:

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Power Lunch – OHL’s Scott McWilliams

PowerLunchSMcW2.jpgOn March 22nd, Massey students had the pleasure of hosting Scott McWilliams, Executive Chairman for Ozburn Hessey Logistics as part of the Massey Power Lunch Series.
Mr. McWilliams has been with OHL for over 20 years, and has served as Vice President of Operations, President, CEO, and is currently the Executive Chairman. McWilliams spoke about the amazing opportunities OHL has experienced over the years, as well as OHL's continued global expansion. The company has created innovative logistics solutions in the automotive, retail, high tech, food and beverage, and healthcare industries, among many others. OHL leadership has also created a strong reputation for providing transparent shipping systems, and relies heavily on Six Sigma quality techniques for the continuous improvement of the business.


Power Lunch with Ozborne-Hessey Logistics

The March Power Lunch for Massey students will be with Scott McWilliams, CEO of OHL, Inc (Ozborne-Hessey Logistics) on March 31, 2009, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. The lunch will be held on campus in the Fourth Floor Massey Boardroom. Please RSVP by March 24th to Jessica Betts at
McWilliams Scott.jpg Scott McWilliams is the Chief Executive Officer of Ozburn-Hessey Logistics. He has served in that capacity since 2001. Scott previously served as President and COO from 1996-2001 and as VP of Operations from 1990-1996. Prior to joining OH Logistics, Scott worked for the Kroger Company and Super X Food and Drug in a variety of warehousing, transportation and supply chain management positions over almost a decade.