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Academic Tip of the Month: Bibliographies made easy

Massey's Academic Tip of the Month digs deep into the scholastic world to bring you helpful tips that simplify your stressful life.

You're exhausted.

You've finally finished writing your 20-page analysis of Proctor & Gamble's supply chain. You're mentally and physically drained. The only thing on your mind is finding the nearest patio and camping out there for 17 hours.

But you can't. Instead, you get to rub salt in your wound.

It's bibliography time.

As tedious and painstaking as they are necessary, bibliographies are essential to tying a paper together and keeping you enrolled in school -- after all, plagiarism isn't a charge professors take lightly. But they're the last thing you want to do after pouring your energy into a taxing (or taxation) paper.

Have we got a treat for you.

As it turns out, Microsoft Word has a painkiller for your bibliographical headache. A few simple shortcuts can curtail the agony and provide your works cited page with valuable in"cite." Pun (and misspelling) intended.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. As you type your paper in Microsoft Word, add references as you go by clicking on the References tab.

2.  Tell Word what paper format you are using by clicking on the Style dropdown list; then click Insert Citation, then Add New Source.

3.  Select what type of source you used from the drop down list and fill in the information that you know.  (It’s okay to leave some items blank if you do not have that info.)  Then click OK.

4. Word will keep a list of all the sources you enter, including a master list for any new documents you create in the same program.  You may want to update your master source list by clicking Manage Sources to add, remove or edit sources from your current document. This works especially well for the MBA Industry Integrated Project as you may use the same source in more than one paper during a course.

5.  When you are finished with the paper and ready to insert the bibliography, create a page break.

6. On that new page, select the References tab again and then choose Insert Bibliography from the drop down menu under tab Bibliography tab.  Your sources should be alphabetized in the style format you selected.



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