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CCA Power Lunch

Damon Hininger
Massey Alum, 2000

On November 16th Corrections Corporation of America hosted our second Power Lunch of the semester. This Power Lunch was special due to the high participation of CCA executives, many of whom were Massey Alums. Everyone in attendance was pleased with the enthusiasm CCA attendees showed for the Massey program. CCA had a long-standing relationship with Jack Massey and our lunch was held in CCA’s own Jack C. Massey Conference Room. CCA is interested in continuing to be a part of the Massey Power Lunch series on a regular basis.
The lunch was attended by 18 Massey students, several CCA executives, Dean Raines and Dr. Stewart. The Massey School was also represented by Lori LeBleu, Director of Career Services and Cindy Painter, Director of Advancement. John Ferguson, President and CEO of CCA, stopped by to welcome us to CCA and kick off the Lunch. Our introductory speaker was Damon Hininger, VP of Federal Customer Relations. Mr. Hininger spoke to us about the history of CCA and how the company has grown. Founded in 1983, CCA created the private corrections industry. CCA is the nation’s largest provider of outsourced corrections management with facilities in over 20 states. CCA designs, builds and manages prisons, jails and detention centers and also provides inmate transportation services for the government.

John Pfeiffer
Massey Alum, 1998

The lunch was attended by many CCA executives including Michelle Barker, Senior Manager of Proposal Development, Jason Childers, Manager of Research and Analysis, David Garfinkle, VP of Finance and Controller, Louise Gilchrist, VP of Marketing and Communications, Consuelo Hawkins, Director of HR Administration, John Pfeiffer, VP of Technology and CIO and John Tighe, VP of Health Services. Damon Hininger, Louise Gilchrist and John Pfeiffer are all Massey graduates. Amy Fuqua, a 2005 Massey graduate and new addition to CCA, was there to provide insight from a new hire’s perspective.

Louise Chickering
Massey Alum, 1994

Mr. Hininger spoke to us about how proud CCA was of its quick response when Florida prisons needed a place to evacuate prisoners due to hurricane threats. CCA was able to begin housing prisoners within 48 hours of Florida’s initial request for help. In this situation, Florida officials could have looked to other states or the federal government for assistance but they turned to CCA. This is just one example of how CCA is a leader in the industry. CCA executives also spoke proudly about programs offered to inmates such as substance abuse counseling/treatment, GEDs in English or Spanish and more advanced degrees.
Mr. Tighe shared his thoughts on what the business community seeks from MBA graduates. He said companies are looking for people with the ability to take a load of data and retrieve significant information from it. Mr. Tighe continued that MBA graduates should be able to identify critical issues within a subject and develop strategies around those issues. He also said that the ability to reasonably predict the effect of a chosen strategy is extremely valuable.
The CCA Power Lunch was very successful. Students left with a real sense of what CCA does and were also given some great insight into what employers expect of MBA graduates. This Power Lunch series will continue what is already a strong bond between CCA and The Massey Business School.

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