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Sep 11, 2017 | Student Spotlight

Meet Nielah Burnett, a member of Massey’s MBA program who concentrated in Business Intelligence with an additional interest in Entrepreneurship. Currently, she works for Caterpillar Financial Services, where she serves as the Documentation Manager for the Western region of the United States.

With a little over six years working for Caterpillar, Nielah has held four job roles. She started as a Variable Contracts Analysts and then moved to an Account Services Representative.  In 2016, she became a Global Portfolio Analyst for Caterpillar’s mining department and was responsible for managing accounts in distress. June of this year marked Nielah’s promotion to her current role in the North American Business Center.

Each of Nielah’s above roles has been unique, with the first two being very structured where a normal day meant booking new contracts or calling customers to resolve their outstanding loan balances.  Whereas the mining department was much less structured due to the positions new status. When Nielah was brought on in 2016, the role had been created only a few months earlier, which meant there was more room for critical thinking and problem-solving. Now as the Documentation Manager, Nielah’s role is much like the first two, with more structure but with the addition of a leadership role requiring more focus on the needs of her team.

During Nielah’s time at Massey, classes that have thus far stood out to her were the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course, the Business Analytics class, Venture Planning, and Strategic Market Implementation. She enjoyed the Six Sigma Black Belt Course because it gave her the opportunity to independently identify and solve a real-time business problem at Caterpillar. Differing, the Business Analytics and Strategic Market Implementation courses nurtured Nielah’s passion for understanding how to create, analyze, and make business decisions based on the complex relationships gathered from data. The Venture Planning course helped her to focus her entrepreneurial vision, and make it an achievable business plan.

In her Massey journey, Nielah has learned that the collective intelligence is much more powerful than individual competencies. With discussion based courses, Nielah has learned from each of her colleagues, which provides for an environment that enriches the graduate experience, and has made Nielah more confident in her own thought process.

Nielah believes that the Massey experience enhances personal and professional aspirations. Thanks to her past two years at Belmont, Nielah has been on a billboard, traveled to two countries, consulted two Nashville businesses, participated in the CFA research challenge, and earned an esteemed Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, all while working full time and being a parent. Nielah is thankful for her decision to return to school and feels her time at Massey has been an investment not only in her future but in her family’s prospects for prosperity.  

Ultimately, for Nielah, Massey has stood by its promise to take her “from here to anywhere” because of her strong investment into the MBA program.

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  1. Justin Moore

    I know Nielah personally and she is an excellent representative of the type of person that will thrive with the challenges presented by the MBA program at Belmont. She is hard working, well rounded and is a great team player. Nielah will do great things within her organization with the education she has earned.

    Justin Moore

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