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This past January, Massey students had the opportunity to visit the world-renowned Pal’s Business Excellence Institute in Kingsport, TN. One of our graduate assistants, June Ouyang, recounts the experience.

The Pursuit of Extraordinary
-Belmont Massey’s trip to Pal’s Sudden Service

On Jan. 28th, 2017, Massey students visited the world-renowned Pal’s Business Excellence Institute in Kingsport, TN to learn from the best-run quick service restaurant business. Pal’s Sudden Service, a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner, not only excels in providing the highest quality of food and service, but is also committed to sharing their secrets to success with others.

Massey Alumni were offered this opportunity in Spring 2014, and they are still talking about this life-changing experience. In the spring of 2017, Massey students were once again offered this opportunity — it was finally time for new Massey students to immerse in this event and learn from the best! As part of the experience, lunch was covered and it tasted great.

It was a day trip on Saturday, and we started driving very early in the morning around 6:00 am. The first destination was a Pal’s Sudden Service operating store. A sky blue building with a design that resembles a burger and hot dog in front, drinks and fries on top of the building, and Pal’s red mark on both sides of the building.

Everyone was invited inside the store — observing the work station, touring the store, and meeting with the owner operator. The store looked brand new from both the outside and inside! Everything (and I mean everything) in the store was orderly and spotless.

We were each handed $10 for a real experience of being a Pal’s customer. In my group, it took Pal’s 18 seconds to fill both of our orders, and it was 100% accurate both times. We went back a second time because everyone wanted more. From the time we stopped at the ordering window till we parked and had our food, it was about 2 minutes. The food was great!

For the second part of the trip, we headed to Pal’s training facility — the world-famous Pal’s Business Excellence Institute. This institute has enabled thousands of business owners and managers to improve their businesses and take them to the next level.

The class focused on process excellence, workforce capability, and leadership development. Pal’s success is evidenced by their customer loyalty, extremely high accuracy, and lightning speed of preparing great quality food. Both instructors, David and David, shared their secrets of being extraordinary and showed us so many universal rules that are applicable not only in the fast food industry, but also in other industries and even in one’s personal life. As MBA and MACC students, we had the opportunity to see the business operating in action, discover the processes behind Pal’s, and see how those processes are executed. It was truly a life changing experience, and thank you to the Massey Business School and Pal’s for giving us such a great opportunity.

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