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Mar 3, 2017 | Massey Matters Leave a reply

Justin Mooneyhan is the graduate assistant for the Healthcare MBA program at the Massey School of Business. He is here to share an opportunity for Healthcare MBA students at Massey.

The Healthcare MBA at Belmont is a unique and insightful program, as all classes are taken and studied through a healthcare “lens”, and we just so happen to be in the healthcare capital of the world, here in Nashville, TN. This allows access to great guest speakers, and a more informed and knowledgeable cohort of students and professors, that understand the healthcare industry landscape.

Students in the Healthcare MBA program have the opportunity to join Leadership Health Care, an initiative of the Nashville Healthcare Council, to engage and network with other Nashville healthcare professionals.

“Leadership Health Care is a great organization that Belmont’s Massey Graduate Business School was proud to sponsor during it’s annual Holiday Reception event. It was a great platform to promote the Massey programs and more specifically, the Healthcare MBA program, as there were nearly 350 young healthcare professionals in attendance. It was great to network with other motivated and encouraging young healthcare professionals in the Nashville community.”

To find more information about Leadership Health Care, and to become a member, click here.

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