Perspective of an Overwhelmed Soul

Small SpaceSo many wonderful experiences occurred today. We all went to church at the Phnom Penh Church of Christ from 9:30 until 12:00. The speaker covered the subject of second chances and used Jonah as a Biblical example of how God seeks people out regardless of what trials and tribulations are happening in our lives. Three different people shared their experiences of second chances and every one of them were very moving. After church, we got to see a man be baptized.
Once we left the church, we then rode the bus to participate in a rice drive for different families who are in need of food for themselves and baby formula for their children. From the second I stepped off the bus and
looked into the eyes of the beautiful people, I was instantly moved. Regardless of what these families lack they expressed a happiness that I have never witnessed before. Boys around the age of 7 were holding their infant-aged siblings as if they were their fathers. Every child took care of one another. Many of the breathtaking mothers are currently pregnant. I met one woman who was holding a baby and is expecting her 9th child within the next few months. Another woman has four children and has not received contact from her husband since the last time she saw him four months ago when he left for work as a fisherman. She and her family live in a two room house that is the size of many living rooms in a middle class American home. This woman
held such dignity and optimism when I was around her, and it really amazed me that she could have such a beautiful outlook on life when it seemed like she was in a binding situation. It was truly moving.

Loaded Cycle   Supplies

ChildrenThe whole group and others involved with this project are so very thankful for the donations put forth for this community. Today I have realized how privileged I am and how selfish I act sometimes. Things that many people, like myself, take for granted such as: a glass of clean water, a plate of warm food, a bed to sleep on, walls to protect us from the storm, and the ability to wash and clean our bodies are blessings to these people. Once again, I am living this day from the perspective of an overwhelmed soul, and I am so thankful to have been graced by the presence of such extraordinary people today.
Arin Turnham (Nursing)