No Hesitation

wom_sm.jpgToday was one of my favorite days! I spent my morning in the surgical floor in the HOPE clinic. I have not felt as much love from people I do not even know ever before. I was baffled by the instant connection I felt after meeting the nurses, patients, and family members for the very first time.
Chak Riya was an instant friend. She is a young nurse who has very good English. She took me under her wing right away and taught me! I was starting IVs, drawing blood for labs, prepping patients for surgery and taking vitals with her. We talked a lot and bonded in the first few hours I was there.
I also met Rom Channy and Hun Chanse. Chanse says hi to the 2010 team-(he asked for Chelsea and Kim’s e-mail addresses. He has your pop account addresses). His smile was remarkable, I will never forget it!
Every day our team sits in a circle and we go over our “highs and lows” for the day. I was not surprised that many other team members shared the same “high” as I did. The people love before they think! We can all learn so much from the love that this culture shares. There is no hesitation. Their smiles are beautiful and captivating and unforgettable. I felt so loved this morning. As I looked out into the waiting area my eyes were instantly met with huge, warm smiles. I walked into a patient room to take vital signs and I was greeted by the entire family. The mother was holding a small child who kept inching closer and closer to me until he finally reached out and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He followed me around, touching me and shyly running away all morning.
I am so happy that I have this opportunity to be totally immersed in this culture! I cannot wait for more! We are going to Ratanakiri tomorrow for three days to see the beautiful rural country…can’t wait. Love you fam!
Suzanne Hutson – nursing