Life of an overwhelmed soul

I have already experienced so many miraculous and extraordinarily beautiful things since I have arrived in Cambodia. From the lovely children on the streets of Phnom Penh selling me Cambodian bracelets and roses to the ancient and legendary temples visited in Angkor Wat, I truly feel beside myself. There is such a sense of humility and hospitality when you walk down the streets and enter different areas. My favorite part about today was watching the sunrise along the edges of the famous Angkor Wat temples. Although waking up at 4:30 am is a huge stretch for me, I truly experienced a sense of serenity I couldn’t have found anywhere else on Earth. I was surrounded by many different languages of astoundingly gorgeous people from cultures all around the world. It was nice to sit and enjoy the peace of nature. There is such joy in establishing the common ground of respect amongst people you have never met before.
Abby Turnham