Home at last

Kelley21 hours of flying, 12 hours of layovers, and very little sleep was the experience most of us had on our way home. I’ve been home for less than an hour and I already miss Cambodia. I miss the crazy traffic that scares every one of us Americans. I miss the silly tuk tuk drivers hollering at me, asking if I want a ride somewhere. I miss all the women in the markets yelling at me to come look at their over-stuffed walls and tables, trying to convince me that they “give you good price, just for you lady”. I miss the strange and mysterious smells of the city that somehow change every few feet. I miss the feel of being sticky and sweaty. I miss cute little babies everywhere I go. I miss the kids at the orphanage always wanting more hugs and affection. And I miss the family that the 7 of us became, with mama bear to lead the way.
We had our ups and downs; but that’s to be expected when being around the same group of people for a solid 3 weeks. We became somewhat of a messed up family with all of our different personalities and weird habits. As much I as needed to get away to have my alone time, I know that I’m going to miss that group and the bunch of ‘lop lops’ that we were together.
I didn’t think this would happen, but Cambodia stole my heart. I want to return to Cambodia in December with Shannon to help teach a journal club at the hospital and teach English at the orphanage. I have the desire to go back and help that community in anyway I can, now all I need is the money!