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Belmont Students Claim World Cup Title at International Competition

Our campus is bustling with excitement in celebration of Belmont's recent naming of World Champions for our students' entrepreneurial service projects at the 2012 Enactus World Cup (formerly known as "Students in Free Enterprise"). Thirty-eight national champion teams presented their projects, which incorporated market economics, entrepreneurship, success skills, environmental sustainability, business ethics and financial literacy.  Through a written annual report and live audio visual presentation, teams were evaluated based on how successful they were at using business concepts to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Read the full story here.


SIFE Finalist For 2012 Strobel Award

Belmont University Students in Free Enterprise are 18 among finalists for the 26th annual Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards.

SIFE is up for the Civic Volunteer Group Award, which recognizes representatives of civic, membership, congregation or non-corporate groups that volunteer together for a cause. Belmont SIFE works with local, national and international community partners to develop ethical and environmentally sustainable business models that create lasting economic and social change. Now in its seventh year of existence, Belmont SIFE has more than 40 students involved and has partnered with numerous Nashville organizations, including 147 Million Orphans, African Leadership and Magdalene/Thistle Farms.

Oasis Center – Middle School Teen Outreach Program and The Patient and Family Advisory Councils at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are the other finalists for the category. Hands On Nashville will announced the winners of six categories for outstanding volunteer in Middle Tennessee ceremony at the Marriott Cool Springs Conference Center in Franklin on April 10.

HCA/TriStar are presenters of the annual event, founded by Ford Motor Company. Some 105 individuals and organizations were nominated this year for the Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards.

The Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Awards are named in memory of the late Mary Catherine Strobel, known for her extensive and charitable efforts toward improving the lives of Middle Tennessee’s homeless, impoverished and less fortunate populations. The annual awards ceremony celebrates Strobel’s service and recognizes those who continue her legacy.

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Dr. Jeff Cornwall Named Small Business Influencer 2011

Belmont entrepreneurship professor Jeff Cornwall was recently named as a Small Business Influencer 2011 by Small Business Trends.  The award honors companies, organizations and people who have made a meaningful and lasting impact on the North American small business market. Nominees are suggested by their peers, then voted on by the public and a panel of judges to select the top 100 honorees.

“I am very fortunate to be able to work with our students and alumni as they build their businesses. While surveys indicate that attitudes of most small business owners are not at all positive due to the continued weak economy, I have the pleasure of working with young entrepreneurs who continue to be full of optimism and hope for the future,” Cornwall said.

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Former Senior Executive Officer for Toyota Shares Experience With Students

Author of One White Face, Hilary Corna recently shared her experience working internationally with students in Belmont's College of Business. Sponsored by the International Business Society, the Former Senior Executive Officer & Kaizen Leader for Toyota spoke about her work abroad and the skills necessary for young professionals entering the global work environment.  She encouraged students to acquire second language skills and to take advantage of networking and study abroad opportunities.  Ms. Corna is on a Campus Book & Speaking tour in partnership with Toyota Motor USA.

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Merry Christmas!

It’s amazing to see how technology has impacted our lives and offered new ways of doing things. In celebration of this glorious season, I wanted to share this video from North Point Community Church in Atlanta – what a creative way to engage the audience.
Merry Christmas!

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How Concerned Should We Be Regarding the Health Effects from the BP Oil Spill?

Plenty! Many newscasters and eyewitnesses have remarked on the disappearance of the oil spill over the last week or two. It is somewhat puzzling to see that such a large quantity of oil has somewhat vanished, at least on the surface level. However, it may only be wishful thinking that everything is moving back to normal (or at least a place where the environment is less toxic and not so saturated with oil and tar). While many experts agree that the Gulf Coast (and especially the plant & animal life) appear to be more resilient regarding the toxic effects of the oil spill than previous expected, there is still plenty of concern to go around regarding the possible harmful health effects related to the oil spill.


Massey School MBA 18th in BusinessWeek Rankings

BusinessWeek Logo.jpg Belmont University announced today that its part-time MBA program has achieved a Top 30 first-tier national ranking in BusinessWeek’s 2009 report on “Top Part-Time MBA programs.” Belmont’s Massey School program ranked No. 18 in the U.S., between Richmond University (No. 17) and the University of Southern California (No. 19). Belmont also joined Emory University (No. 11) and Elon University (No. 6) as the top three ranked programs in the South. Nationally, other notable programs in the top 10 included the University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Berkeley, and University of Michigan. BusinessWeek began ranking part-time MBA programs in 2007 in an effort to recognize the best MBA programs designed specifically for working professionals.


Excessive or Just Compensation for Financial Gurus?

Myth-RationalMarket.jpgSince investors have broadly accepted the theory that financial markets are efficient, that is investors are making optimal decisions based on all the information available, Wall Street has been anxious to hire financial engineers (“rocket scientists”) to manage equity portfolios. In the Sunday August 9, 2009 New York Times Book Review section, Paul Krugman states in his review of Justin Fox’s The Myth of the Rational Market that “the myth of the rational market -- a myth that is beautiful, comforting and above all lucrative--isn’t going away anytime soon.”


The Bleeding Edge

“Bleeding edge” is a buzz term I have noticed being used more and more to highlight significant innovations. According to Wikipedia, “Bleeding edge is a term that refers to technology that is so new (and thus, presumably, not perfected) that the user is required to risk reductions in stability and productivity in order to use it…Recently however, the term bleeding edge has been increasingly used by the general public to mean ‘ahead of cutting edge’ largely without the negative, risk-associated connotation concurrent with the term's use in more specific fields.”
Most recently, I saw the term used in the BusinessWeek January 12th cover story “What’s Wrong with Silicon Valley (And How to Make it Right).” The article diagnosis the feeble condition of American technologies and offers a “prescription for fixing the country’s innovation machine.” Highlighting innovators, the story mentions the startup Numenta, and their goal of building computers that work like the brain. The Numenta programmers “study the inner workings of the brain and then replicate them with some of the most complex mathematical algorithms ever devised.” Amazed by how computers currently operate, that does sound rather “bleeding edge” to me.
Whether working on disruptive technologies, refining existing procedures and products, or developing an entrepreneurial venture, innovative thought is crucial in creating efficiencies and improving outputs. Being on the “bleeding edge” might be risky, but the rewards can be great.

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Christmas Spirit

With all of the negative news making headlines these days, I was happy to hear the story of Mike Camp and Ralph Hanahan. The friends had been working together for five years when talks of layoffs surfaced at the Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, S.C., where they served as computer techs. According to the story, “Hanahan, who had worked more than 20 years as a state employee, volunteered to take the hit and save Camp from the layoff list… Hanahan knew Camp and his wife, Lorrie, had four young children ages 6 to 10. The couple's youngest child, Aaron, suffers from severe autism.” Those who know Hanahan said they were not surprised by his generosity. You can read the full story from Good Morning America here. This morning, GMA reported Hanahan is beginning to be contacted by employers who admire his character.
Such stories of love and sacrifice certainly reflect the spirit of Christmas. During this busy season, may we all take the time to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate the ultimate gift of love — Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

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