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Coke Freestyle: A Marketers Dream

Ever buy a fountain drink only to discover your favorite Coke product is not offered? Rest assured, Coca-Cola has revolutionized the way soft-drinks are dispensed so this will never happen again. Talk about creating happiness, Coca-Cola has transformed the way fountain drinks are distributed with Coca-Cola Freestyle.  Not only that, Coca-Cola may have just created the means of solidifying another century of solid growth. Market data has never before been so accurate and so instant.

Customers select their beverage of choice from over 100 options through touch screen technology and are presented with numerous flavor options.  From a marketing perspective the brilliance behind freestyle is two-fold. First, customers are greeted with a dynamic experience from Coca-Cola that not only provides them with more options than before but also invites them to be a part of Coke’s global marketing campaign of “creating happiness."  Secondly, Coke Freestyle offers Coca-Cola invaluable information of the needs and desires of customers in real time. Through the use of RFID technology, Coke freestyle provides real-time data about which beverage flavors are being consumed when, where, by how much, providing a goldmine of data for Coke’s marketing team.

Beverage companies have long tried to tailor the customer experience to one of enjoyment and satisfaction. Starbucks for example, has created value through delivering a consistent customized product through intense barista training. Those barista’s however, do not have a way of relaying real time data back to Startbucks’ headquarters. Coke freestyle provides the same sort of customization without the hassle or cost of training employees and with the advantage of real-time data on customer trends.

Coke Freestyle is unlike any soft-drink experience before. It elicits excitement in creating customer satisfaction and at the same time provides Coke with a marketer’s dream, real-time data.

This post was submitted by Charles C. Boyd, IV, Massey MBA Candidate.

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