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Ethics Essay Contest Accepting Submissions

Belmont students are invited to enter the Harry Hollis Student of Integrity Essay Contest for a chance to win $500 by submitting an essay response to the following question:  What can universities do to strengthen ethical responsibility in athletic programs and how can universities work with students-athletes, coaches, alumni and fans to encourage ethical behavior and minimize unethical behavior?

Suggested length is 6-8 pages double-spaced in 12 pt. font (approx 2200 words). Essays should be titled pages numbered and footnotes and supporting information noted in an appendix. Contestants can direct questions about the essay process to Mr. Harold Fogelberg and Dr. Barry Padgett.

Completed papers are due by Monday March 25 to Harold Fogelberg, Director of the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics (Massey #432).


Dr. Jeff Cornwall Named 2013 Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year

Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship, was named Friday as the Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year by the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). Cornwall was selected from a group of distinguished nominees and chosen for his countless and enduring contributions to entrepreneurship education.

“To be named the most outstanding educator in one’s field in higher education is the highest compliment a professor can receive,” said Belmont’s College of Business Administration Dean Dr. Pat Raines. “Jeff’s professional accomplishments and the prestige that he has brought to Belmont’s entrepreneurship program make him an extraordinarily worthwhile recipient of this award.”

Dr. Cornwall said, “I am humbled to be recognized this way for the work that I do as an entrepreneurship educator.”

Past winners of the award include faculty members from Oklahoma State University, University of Texas (Austin), Stanford University, Purdue University and Baylor University, among others.

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Belmont Trains Financial Counselors for United Way through Bloomberg Philanthropies Grant

Belmont University will play a foundational role in new Financial Empowerment Centers to help low-income Nashvillians reduce debt and build assets through free, individual counseling. The Office of Mayor Karl Dean and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville have received a $2 million grant funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Living Cities’ Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund. The University will train six United Way financial counselors to staff the centers.

Belmont Associate Professor and Nashville Poverty Council Chair Kristine LaLonde is coordinating the educational partnership and has worked with College of Business Administration Dean J. Patrick Raines, Finance Professor Greg Faulk and Adjunct Instructor Paul McCullough to implement the program.

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Harry Jacobson Appointed as Massey 2013 Executive-in-Residence

Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Harry Jacobson as its Distinguished Healthcare Executive-in-Residence for 2013. The former Vanderbilt University Medical Center CEO and vice chancellor for health affairs will be lending his expertise and instructional talents to students enrolled in Belmont’s new Healthcare MBA (HCMBA) program for working professionals. The HCMBA program was officially launched earlier this fall and has already enrolled its first cohort of students.

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Belmont Celebrates Naming of Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics

Belmont University’s College of Business Administration (COBA) celebrated today a generous endowment received from civic leader and Belmont Trustee Helen Kennedy by naming its Center for Business Ethics in honor of her late husband, Edward Creasman Kennedy, a local businessman who exemplified the values the Center promotes.  A graduate of Hume Fogg High School and lifetime deacon of Judson Baptist Church, Mr. Kennedy co-founded Ed’s Supply Company and was actively involved in many organizations related to the heating, cooling and refrigeration industry. Mr. Kennedy also served 12 years as a Belmont University Trustee.

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First Entrepreneurship Village Allows Students, Alumni to Network with Peers

Belmont senior Tom Haarlander is paving his road to success through three entrepreneurship ventures that provide medical supplies, manufacture them in China and import the products into Europe and the United States.  Although he expects to gross nearly $6 million between his three companies this year, the University gave him an unprecedented opportunity Wednesday to practice his pitch before venturing to trade shows to promote teeth-whitening cold wave lasers, anti-aging facial probes and medical optical lamps.

“[The Center for Entrepreneurship] brings stability to what you are doing. I can put my foot to the gas and run all over, but if I don’t have a solid foundation, it will fall apart,” Haarlander said.

Forty-two businesses participated in Belmont’s first-ever Entrepreneurship Village held Wednesday morning under white tents surrounding the Bell Tower. Thirteen alumni returned to Belmont for the village, including Erin O. Anderson, owner of artist management company Olivia Management.

“The best thing [about the village] is getting to know students at Belmont and getting to encourage them,” said Anderson (’06). “I tell them, ‘You may not be sure what you want to do, but you can do it on your own.’ It’s been fun to encourage students to start their own businesses.”

The village featured companies of various industries including smart phone applications, graphic design, videography, photography, music publishing, construction, vintage jewelry, custom apparel printing and textbooks. The purpose of the event was to display the innovation, creativity and success of Belmont’s entrepreneurship students and alumni.

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Belmont Students Claim World Cup Title at International Competition

Our campus is bustling with excitement in celebration of Belmont's recent naming of World Champions for our students' entrepreneurial service projects at the 2012 Enactus World Cup (formerly known as "Students in Free Enterprise"). Thirty-eight national champion teams presented their projects, which incorporated market economics, entrepreneurship, success skills, environmental sustainability, business ethics and financial literacy.  Through a written annual report and live audio visual presentation, teams were evaluated based on how successful they were at using business concepts to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

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A Brand Feeling Slighted Fights Back: Oddbins at Odds with LOCOG

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, or LOCOG for short, is the governing body actually responsible for putting on the Olympics in London. The cost of staging the Olympic games registers at over £2 billion and most of this cost is offset by corporate sponsorships. The privilege of commercially associating a business with the Olympic Games, however, comes at a steep price. A tier one domestic sponsorship costs around  £50 million. In order to raise the necessary funds, LOCOG’s chief executive, Paul Deighton, wants to generate over £700 million from domestic sponsorships that that allow for businesses to promote commercial messages in association with the games.

Not all domestic businesses however are on board. In reaction to the marketing rules set out by LOCOG, Oddbins, headquartered in London, is executing a unique and controversial marketing campaign. Since Oddbins’ managing director Ayo Akintola does not have the capital necessary to meet the LOCOG’s fee for access to association rights, he has initiated a marketing stunt to draw attention to the matter, and hopefully generate some business in the process. For everyone who wears a brand not supporting the Olympics, Oddbins is offering a discount of 30%. Yes, that’s right, Oddbins will give you a discount for wearing Nike products, or using Mastercard instead of Visa, or showing a receipt for a Pepsi in their stores.

While this stunt is somewhat comical, in actuality it just might be brilliant. Perhaps, customers or other business owners who feel similar to Mr. Akintola will bless his stores with their patronage and help him on his way to generating the cash base needed to become a tiered sponsor of the Olympics the next time London hosts them. Hopefully, it won’t take the Olympic Committee another 64 years have London be their host; it might be too late for Mr. Akintola.

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Double-Edged Sword of Social Media Marketing

One of a marketer’s main objectives in defining a company or product’s marketing mix is determining the channel or medium through which the target audience will be reached. Recently, no channel has been quite as successful in reaching and engaging a large audience as social media. These days, you won’t find a coupon, website, or email that doesn’t point you to a company’s Facebook or Twitter page. Why has this been so successful? Well, companies have gotten smart and gone where their audience is - online. Few people read newspapers anymore and the number of people reading magazines, with the exception of the gossip columns, has declined as well.

According to the marketing firm quoted in this article, the most important aspect about social media is that it allows the customer to “meet the company” which will hopefully drive the customer to a physical store to purchase products or make an online purchase. Facebook and Twitter allow companies to offer customers all kinds of goodies. Sweepstakes, coupons, and promotions are communicated in a matter of minutes. The best part is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for companies to use social media. The hardest task for companies is getting as many people as possible to “like” or “follow” it.

While social media offers many benefits to companies, in the wake of scandal, it has also proven to be a curse for others. Many have found opponents using social media to negatively impact the company by driving negative press. Let’s take Chick-Fil-A for example. A social media firestorm erupted for them due to recent statements made by one of the company’s top executives. It’s no secret what this company stands for, but people are now in an uproar because he chose to stick to his beliefs. Click here for more on this story. If this were a different time and social media was not around, I doubt the company would be in the situation it now finds itself in. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the dust to settle. In the meantime, I feel like a chicken sandwich!

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Belmont SIFE Welcomes Championship Trophy to Campus

Several members of Belmont’s SIFE team took breaks from their summer jobs to visit campus July 20 to celebrate the arrival of the national championship trophy. The win, which came at the SIFE USA National Exposition held in Kansas City in May, represents Belmont SIFE’s second national title in three years.

Belmont SIFE will compete at the international SIFE World Cup Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Washington, D.C. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is confirmed to host the event.  The team is currently working to update their presentation script, video and annual report to reflect their position as “SIFE USA” and highlight progress made since the National Exposition. Belmont SIFE is also preparing for the Cultural Fair, a much anticipated networking event that takes place the first night of the World Cup, at which every country’s winning team hosts a booth with giveaways and symbols from their country.

In the midst of World Cup preparation, the team continues to develop new and existing projects. Eric Taft and Brennon Mobley have spent several hours this summer compiling a Spring Back Recycling Operations Manual so that the operation can be replicated in other cities around the world.

Notably, Belmont’s team is also meeting with top executives from some of SIFE’s sponsor companies, including Tractor Supply Co., Wells Fargo and Dollar General, to network and share its winning presentation.

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